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Will you join me at P2C PLUS?

Dec 16, 2014 | Corey Sleep

To PLUS or not to PLUS?

Power to Change’s end of the year conference uses the name P2C PLUS with good reason. It’s an opportunity to add to your spiritual arsenal, to put some solid experience under your belt, and most of all, to increase in your knowledge of a holy and awesome God.

You may be planning on attending this winter break, but what about the other Christians on your campus, in your movement, or at your church?

Have you thought about ways you can ask them to join you so that they can grow, be challenged and equipped to further God’s kingdom next term and beyond? If this in any way on your mind, look no further!

Challenging to P2C PLUS

In life, we tend not to make a thoughtful decision unless we are faced with the necessity of making an active choice.

The same goes for attending a conference like P2C PLUS. Many of the Christians around you might not even know much about P2C PLUS, let alone think that it’s relevant to them. You can help those in your life make an active choice when you set aside time to meet with and challenge those you think would benefit from the conference.

[Editors Note: Don’t let distance prevent you from taking action. Proximity to your friends may be hindered by post-exam departures from campus but that doesn’t mean you can’t ‘meet up’ with your friends. Take the initiative to set up a skype/hangout/facetime/phone call with your friends and apply Corey’s tips.]

The following will help guide you in these conversations and give you some tips along the way.

1. Sit down with them

​A passing comment or drive-by sermon or text message is easily ignored and might even just be seen as manipulative. Show them you care enough about them and about the conference that you are willing to give up some time to actually sit down and talk with them about it.

2. Make sure they know what P2C PLUS is

This one’s simple.

If they don’t know anything about it, there’s no chance they’re going to come.

Try asking: “Do you know what P2C PLUS and what it’s about?” Then work with their answer and help them understand the basics and the depths of the conference. As a side note, don’t feel bad about sharing how fun the conference can be—it is, and that’s a good selling point!

3. Make it relevant & personal

Again, people won’t attend anything if they don’t think it will impact them.

Lead with an ask, “How would you like to grow spiritually this coming year?” If you can help them realize how they could be benefited spiritually, they’ll be that much more likely to take their decision seriously. Often, you’ll be able to connect that desire to P2C PLUS in order to show the conference’s relevance to their desired growth.

4. Show the significance

People need to see not only the personal relevance of P2C PLUS but also that it is meant to have world impact. People you challenge need to see that this conference offers not only benefit for them spiritually but serves a greater purpose in advancing God’s kingdom and making much of the name of Jesus Christ.

God’s people respond to God’s Word and Spirit—show them how going to P2C PLUS can help them be better equipped to make disciples, and bring Scripture in as much as you can!

(For example, have them read Matthew 28:16-20 (the Great Commission), and show how P2C PLUS can help them be obedient to Jesus’ command to make disciples).

5. Help them through barriers

We can’t force anyone to attend P2C PLUS, and we don’t want to.

Rather, if you sincerely think they would benefit and yet they have reservations, ask if you can hear those out and try and help in any way. Write them down as they say them, and then try to offer potential solutions and see if that helps.

They want to spend extra time with family and friends? See if they can work social time into earlier parts of their break.

Is money a concern? Find them a bursary option or help them fundraise.

6. Give them a deadline

If you just leave a challenge open-ended, they may forget or procrastinate until it’s too late.

Try seeing if they can take time to pray and think over the decision or talk to the appropriate people in the following week and come to a decision in that time.

There’s no right timeline here, but some tangible date might be helpful.

Optional Tools

Sometimes, a tool may be relevant during a personal challenge.

Show the personal relevance or global significance of P2C PLUS using videos of students’ testimonies. You can also use videos like these on social media as part of a broad challenge to more than one person. Whatever your tool, make sure it gets those key points across—and make sure you still get those key students one-on-one and make your invitation personal!

Don’t do it alone!

As a final note, don’t put all the weight of challenging everybody on your own shoulders.

As people decide to join you (or if they’re already going), get them on board to challenge others as well!

Share this post with them, and talk through how to challenge the people you know (and if you know some of the same people, decide who will challenge whom). Prioritize those who are leaders in your movement, such as group leaders or the like.

Many hands make light work, and momentum will build as you have more people not only coming to P2C PLUS but taking ownership of seeing others go and seeing God’s Kingdom advanced through it.

Happy challenging, and may many come with you!

About the Author

Corey Sleep

Corey graduated from McMaster University in Kinesiology but in the end couldn’t resist a call to ministry. He now works with Power to Change – Students dividing his time between campus ministry and creating blog and other content. You can check out his personal blog at