Our group is part of a movement committed to changing the world by helping students to discover Jesus.

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To change the world by helping students discover Jesus

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We want to grow together, experience Jesus, be stretched in our faith & inspire others to live radically different lives as they discover Jesus.

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P2C: Missions Night!
Nov 13 @ 5:57 pm
Don't forget that instead of our regular Converge at St. Jax, this Thursday we'l be joining McGill for Missions Night! This is a great chance to learn about the different opportunities available to do missions with P2C this summer or reading week, and how we can be praying for the world. If you want help finding it, meet us on the 1st floor of the Hall building at 6:30pm, and we'll walk over together. See you Thursday! :)

Power to Change - Concordia
Nov 13 @ 5:57 pm
Reminder that prayer is at 3 PM today! Meet Berothie in the JMSB lobby at 2:55 PM if you're interested in coming :)

Power to Change - Concordia
Nov 12 @ 4:19 pm
Let’s chat! Come visit us on the 7th floor of Hall to talk about your perspective on life.

Converge: Why do evangelism?
Nov 6 @ 11:05 pm
P2C is back this week with a talk by our very own Arturo on Evangelism. If you've ever been wondered why Evangelism matters in the church or why it should matter to you personally, this is a talk you don't want to miss.