Power to Change is a campus community that exists to help students know and experience Jesus.

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We want to grow together, experience Jesus, be stretched in our faith & inspire others to live radically different lives as they discover Jesus.


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Jan 21 @ 5:07 pm
Relevant Edmonton 2019: Talks, Prayer Requests & An Invitation to Love Our Neighbours - https://mailchi.mp/8bfaf7c4f9cf/welcome-back-2270093

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Jan 16 @ 3:21 am
Discipleship Groups, University Sports Social, Relevant Volunteering & Kickoff - Weekly Update - https://mailchi.mp/92dd196214e5/welcome-back-2265689

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Jan 8 @ 5:36 pm
Welcome Back with A Week of "New" - https://mailchi.mp/7b75d232af90/welcome-back-2255777

Power to Change - Students
Nov 28 @ 9:10 pm
P2C PLUS is only one month away! Join us at our annual conference in Toronto from Dec 28 - Jan 1. Learn more and register online at www.toronto2018.p2cplus.com