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Deep Chat Fridays
Jan 25 @ 4:00 pm

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Boundaries Series Study Group
Jan 20 @ 3:31 pm
This semester we are starting a group study on Boundaries, which is both a book and a video teaching series. In this series, Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend (the authors, and the speakers in the video series) will teach us how to grow healthy boundaries in our own lives. This group study is free to all, especially students and staff. Boundaries is about learning to say no and yes to the right things to take control of your life. With a biblical foundation, the series deals with what is inside and outside our boundaries and responsibilities, and how to respond to others and ourselves in a way that respects both our own boundaries and those of others. It is a very useful resource in terms of personal life, leadership, or even study life.

Deep Chat Fridays
Jan 20 @ 4:04 am
The idea behind Deep Chat Fridays is to have a time and space to just talk about "deep" things, not necessarily as a way to let out our emotions (though those are certainly welcomed and not rejected), but an opportunity for any of us, guys and girls, Christians and non-Christians to come together informally for around an hour and a half to talk about all the interesting, confusing, controversial, and important things of our faith. The format will be very simple: we'll gather around some tables in the buttery (at least for the first few times. If we get a good response we'll start booking a proper room, but to start we'll just grab some tables in the buttery), start each session with a prepared topic (the first one for the 25th of January will be "what does it mean to be human?" in anticipation of the talk later that evening at con hall), and then see where the conversations go!

Photos from Power to Change - University of Toronto's post
Jan 16 @ 4:59 pm
Wasn't yesterday's event awesome? So good to have deep discussions, look at art, and hear from amazing artists about what it means to be human There are 3 events today, starting very soon, make sure to check the schedule! @ Trinity College, University of Toronto

Photos from Power to Change - University of Toronto's post
Jan 14 @ 7:42 pm
One down, ten more to go! See you at "God, Sex, & Relationships: Where is True Intimacy to be Found?" Tonight at 7pm in ES142 Big thank you to our tireless volunteers whiteboarding around campus 💕💕