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We are a Christian group at Ryerson that cares deeply about helping students know Jesus and experience His power to change our relationships and lives. In the same way that the sun’s gravity brings order to other planets in the solar system, we believe that Jesus re-shapes our relationships, our perspectives, our decisions, our purpose - our entire lives. Perhaps you're curious about God. Perhaps you are trying to grow in learning how faith and life as a university student intersects. Our community is a great place to help you figure that out. There is no replacement for a real conversation between real people so shoot us a message - so we can connect with you in person! Want to find out more? Get in touch!

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About P2C-Students

P2C-Students exists to help students discover the relevance of Jesus in all of life. We have communities on dozens of campuses across Canada, hold regular events and mission trips each year, and produce a variety of digital resources.

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Do you want to get involved with P2C at Ryerson or maybe you just have some questions you want to ask? We would love to chat with you. Fill in your name, your email address, and short a message and someone near you will get back to you shortly. Feel free to include your phone number in the message box if that’s better for you.

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