We are excited that you are considering going on a Mission Trip with Power to Change – Students. We firmly believe that this is one of the best things you could do with your summer. Our desire is that these experiences will help you grow in your character, in your spiritual life, as well help you develop in your leadership abilities, laying a foundation of who you are becoming for a lifetime.

We desire that you be informed about our Mission Trips and what they involve. We encourage you to explore the information on this site and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

About Power to Change

Power to Change is an interdenominational Christian organization established in Canada in 1967, with the purpose of helping to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ as recorded in Matthew 28:18-20.

Josh McDowell launched what was then called Campus Crusade for Christ, at the University of British Columbia in 1967. 50 years later, Power to Change is comprised of eleven different ministries serving in multiple domains of society. The campus division (called Power to Change – Students) maintains a presence in every province on approximately 50 campuses, where we seek to change the world by helping students discover Jesus.

Evangelical Christian beliefs are at the core of the Power to Change ministry. We hold to the essential claims of Christianity. We have no ties to any one particular denomination, but work instead in cooperation with many local churches and ministries to aid in the spiritual development of young men and women. See our Statement of Faith for more information.

What’s it Like to Go on a Mission trip with P2C-S?

For over 30 years, we have sent thousands of young people around the world, bringing the gospel to the nations. Our desire is that you will have a positive experience that includes quality training and depth of reflection, producing life-long change.

For one to six weeks, you will…

  • Live and minister in a transformational community
  • Experience powerful prayer
  • Be discipled by a P2C staff or intern
  • Receive training by an experienced P2C staff or intern in contextualizing the gospel
  • Walk day by day in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Directly engage in evangelism and discipleship with university students

Mission Trips are a life changing opportunity. Our desire is that you would take what you will experience on this Mission Trip, and use it to inspire others when you come back to Canada!

How Do I Know If I’m Ready to Go?

You may be asking yourself: “Am I really ready to go?” “Am I spiritually mature enough?” “Am I good enough at sharing my faith?”

On a P2C-S mission trip, we aren’t looking for people who are “perfect” Christians. We believe that Mission Trips are a great way to build a solid foundation of faith that will carry you into a lifetime of fruitful ministry, wherever you might go and whatever you might do. Whether you have a lot of ministry experience, or none at all, our approach is to look at your character, development, and trajectory of growth as expressed in your application. We believe that Jesus can use you, no matter where you are at on your spiritual journey, as long as you have a desire to learn, a humble attitude, and an openness to what God wants to do in and through your life.

As you discern if you are ready to go on a Mission Trip, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I a Jesus follower who is on a trajectory of growth?
  • Do I have a willingness to follow leadership?
  • Do I have a  willingness to share the Gospel (even if I lack experience)?
  • Am I growing in social maturity (the ability to interact with others and respond appropriately)?
  • Am I growing in emotional maturity (as it relates to emotional resilience, stability, and an ability to persevere?
  • Do I possess a teachable attitude (as characterized by a willingness to try new things, listen to input, seek opportunities to learn/grow/develop, and apply what uyou have learned).

If the aforementioned characteristics describe you, then we would encourage you to step out in faith and apply for a P2C-S mission trip. We would love for you to join us in trusting God to do something extraordinary as we accept His invitation to be a part of His Kingdom work around the world!

What About Safety?

Upon your arrival, you will have several days of orientation to life in your location, which includes street smart travel and what to do in case of an emergency. Each location has its own policies that help to create a safe experience.

How do I know these trips are safe?

During every phase of the trip, safety is taken seriously. Before a location is even selected as a destination, it is evaluated for political and social stability, recent history, as well as any unrest that may have the potential to escalate. Locations are monitored continually to ensure stability.

Our Crisis Management team constantly monitors all travel advisories issued by the Canadian government. This team is also in frequent communication with local Crisis Management teams in our various partnerships to assess the safety and stability of potential Mission Trip locations.   Our Mission Trip Directors are also thoroughly trained to handle any potential crises and contingency plans are developed for each location. If at any time during the preparation process a locale becomes too unstable, participants will be rerouted to another location.

If conditions become unsafe during the Mission Trip itself, the appropriate emergency protocol for that destination would be followed. Our Crisis Management team will be notified of the emergency and will communicate the information as it becomes available.

As a participant, you will also be covered by AIG health insurance while on the Mission Trip.  AIG is a comprehensive health coverage that allows our Project Services team to respond quickly and congruously if a health need or emergency should arise.

If there is a family emergency that occurs while you are on the mission trip, our Project Services team will relay all pertinent information, as well as help re-book a flight home if necessary.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at projects@p2c.com.

Who Leads the Trips?

On a typical Mission Trip with P2C-S, one male and one female director, along with a team of staff, will oversee all leadership, as well as directional and operational needs of the Mission Trip. This team is also responsible for scheduling, logistics, teaching and training of the team. Each Director has been vetted for their proven leadership ability, experience, and character. Together with their team, Directors strive to create an environment that will create opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, leadership development and ministry exposure.

What About Finances?

What is included in the cost?

The cost of each Mission Trip includes international airfare, orientation, all ministry-related costs, debrief, in-country transportation, housing, and meals. Personal expenses (such as souvenirs) are not included in the Mission Trip cost.

In addition, participants are able to raise additional funding to cover their transportation to and from orientation (if applicable) and immunizations.

Why Support Raising?

Support raising is an opportunity to grow in faith by trusting God to provide the financial resources needed to participate on a Mission Trip. We will provide tried and tested training, resources, and coaching to help you learn how to invite others to partner with you through finances and prayer.  Each one of our staff and interns are responsible for building a team of ministry partners and have extensive personal experience in seeing God provide for them in this way.

How does Support Raising work?

Each year P2C-S helps hundreds of students raise up a partnership team to come alongside them in their journey toward Missions. Once you have been accepted to a Mission Trip with Power to Change, you will receive expert coaching in writing support letters, making phone calls, and following up with potential ministry partners.

We have seen that there are two major sources of ministry partners.  As we think about support raising, it’s always important to remember that God is the source of all blessing!

Family and Friends: It is very important for you to share the story of what God has done in your heart with family and friends. We will help you write a support letter to share where you are going, why you are going, and how the family member or friend can be a part of what God wants to do through you. Regardless of religious belief, family and friends are often extremely excited about partnering in this way.

Pastor and Youth Pastors: Churches desire, and are often able to be a part of sending participants on Mission Trips. We would encourage you to set up a meeting with the Pastor and/or Youth Pastor to share what God has placed on your heart and invite the church and its members to participate in praying and giving toward the Mission Trip.

Financial Responsibility

Power to Change Ministries is a charter member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities. Your financial support is very important to our ministry. We take every step necessary to ensure your money is used in a responsible and Christ-like manner. Our Canadian charitable organization number is 118827849RR0001. For US source donations only, your donation will be received by us in trust for Power to Change International, a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. If you have any questions, please contact our Partner Care Centre at 1.855.P2C.GIVE (1.855.722.4483).

What About Communication?

Once you have been accepted, you will have access to an online Acceptance Packet that can be downloaded with financial, travel, and Mission Trip specific information. The Mission Trip leadership teams have the most current and specific information regarding your location. If you have questions not answered in this packet, we encourage you to contact the Directors. Their contact info will be in the welcome packet.

How do I communicate with my family while I’m on an international mission trip?

We know that simply connecting with home while on the Mission Trip can set your guardian’s mind at ease. Each week, the Mission Trip Directors will send an email update to your guardian via Project Services. Depending on the location and accessibility, you may also be able call home during the Mission Trip, as resources and time allow.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at projects@p2c.com.

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