Pray that our partnership with Western Europe would bless many nations in the region. Pray that as we come alongside our friends in Western Europe, that we would be a blessing that would multiply into fruitful ministry.

Pray that a Canadian STINT team will be raised up by 2017. Pray that STINT teams would be successful in laying the foundation for a self-sustaining ministry in Copenhagen, Denmark. Pray that in the next few years, God would be raising up Danish student leaders and staff who would be effective in mobilizing their countrymen to reach Western Europe.

Pray that the post-Christian population of countries like Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, would begin turning back to the Lord. Pray that Christians in those countries would boldly and unapologetically share their faith in a way that resonates culturally and that would speak to people’s hearts.



Pray for the STINT (one year internship) team as they establish relationships with “people of peace” who will open doors to ministry on the university campuses in “Vegas.” Pray that the team members would find favour with university administrators and leaders who would open opportunities to connect  with student leaders and influencers who are also spiritually open.

Praise God for the first fruits of new believers through this partnership! Pray for expectancy and readiness for a fruitful harvest yet to come. Pray for a generation of Muslim background believers to be raised up who will be the spark of spiritual revival that would spread throughout the Arab world.

Pray that God would raise up a team of Canadian staff and students who would be committed to long-term ministry in Desert Rain. Pray that they would lay the foundation for a sustainable, established ministry that would increase in effectiveness and fruitfulness.



Pray for the protection of our staff, both Canadian and national, as there has been an increase in security issues. Pray that God would blind the eyes of those who are seeking to suppress what He is doing in East Asia. Pray that the Lord would reveal Himself to government leaders, and that they would come to know Jesus.

Pray for our STINT (one year internship) team, which is pioneering a new ministry among some of the least reached people groups of East Asia. Pray that they would be unified as a team and that they would live and work in harmony. Pray that they would deeply experience God as well as  great love for those with whom they are building relationships.

Pray for the underground Church in East Asia. Pray that leaders would grow in wisdom and relational depth with the Lord. Pray that they would lead their churches toward growing effectiveness in reaching those inside and outside their country. Pray that God would establish the largest missionary sending base the world has ever seen from East Asia!



Pray for the local staff and our STINT (one year internship) team in Peru. Pray for financial provision, health, team unity and integration with the Peruvian staff. Pray that they would be successful in helping to establish student-led ministries on four university campuses in Lima: San Marcos, Catolica, Agraria, and Ricardo Palma.

Pray for the Peruvian student leaders and new believers who have been raised up through our annual mission trips. Pray that their ministries would grow as they disciple students to engage those around them with the gospel.

Pray that God would raise up more long-term Peruvian staff so that the ministry would soon become indigenously led, self-sustaining, and globally sending.


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