Hear what staff are having to say about P2C-Students

“Internships can be an environment where Christians can explore how their passions, skills and learning can be used to advance the kingdom of God within a like-minded community. Whether it is creating content, creating effective digital systems, meeting up a with a student for discipleship, or journeying with a student figuring out who Jesus Christ is, we invite people to consider doing a year with us to discover whether or not working with Power to Change is a good fit with how God has created them to live out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.”

Josh – Strategy & Operations Director 

“One of the biggest blessings is getting to split my time between teams (campus and Creative Communications). It’s so dynamic, there is always a way for me to serve in unique ways. I get to see both the background design work going on and then see how it’s applied on campus.”

Sabrina – Campus Staff and Writing/Graphic Design Intern

“After graduation, I took a year off before deciding to intern. In that gap year, I was working at a grocery story, such a different work environment to what I’m now in. There they just cared that I did my job. Working for P2C, they care about me holistically. They want me to do my job well, but they also care about me as a person. I can be honest and authentic, I can ask questions and ask for help, because we’re a team.” 

Dave – Campus Staff

“One of the biggest lies out there is that you won’t use your degree if you work with P2C. There isn’t anything that God has created us with that he won’t ultimately use: that includes the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired while at university.”

Heather – Director of Development & External Communications

“It’s prepared me in a way I never thought possible. Not only has my time with P2C helped me grow closer to God, it has helped me develop as a leader. It’s shown me how I can be a Christ-like person, outside of Christian ministry.”

Tim – Campus Staff 

“I studied communications and could see myself going into some type of marketing or advertising job, but I didn’t know where I wanted to go. I did know though that I wanted it to matter, or matter to me. I heard about the Creative Communications department at P2C Plus and thought, what if I could do communications work for a ministry I care about and has deeply impacted me? Being able to use my education, skills and gifts to serve God in a really direct way sounded like an amazing thing I could do 40 hours a week.”

Maddie – Digital Communications Manager

“Advice I would give to someone I knew was applying? Lose your expectations for what you think ministry should look like. How I expected God to work looks vastly different than how I saw him work this year. It’s been challenging to let go of these expectations, but it also has allowed my faith to grow as I’ve learned to see how God’s at work, even if it looks different than I want it to.” 

Jared – Campus Staff

“Global Missions is more than just going overseas (although that is a part of it). Within our team, there are opportunities to use marketing, event management or administrative skills. There are many ways to be a part of global missions that may not look traditional, but are vitally important.”

Charlotte – Global Missions Director 

“I studied French at a Christian university, so I actually wasn’t a part of P2C-S as a student. I heard about the organization while already living in Québec and trying to figure out how I could be a part of what God was doing in the province. Not having been involved with the ministry as a student has helped me, because I’m asking the questions of why we do what we’re doing. Gives a fresh perspective. Also helped me adjust to doing ministry on Francophone campuses because it looks different than the rest of Canada.”

Mindy – Campus Staff, Francophone Ministry

“An internship with Power to Change allows someone to grow in their ability to transition to the workplace by helping them learn how to set goals, follow a schedule, be accountable for results to their supervisor, work on a team, and coach others. These are all things basic skills that one would need for most jobs.”

Dan – National Campus Strategies Director 

“The thing that most surprised me, it’s closer to a standard professional job than I anticipated. It felt a lot like working for any other company, other than having to raise support.  I got to work for something that I really believe in and do something for God’s purposes. You can manage normal life things (buying a house, paying off debt, etc.) while working for P2C-S. There are a variety of positions; not everyone works on campus, that’s okay.”

Jeremy – Software Developer

“In Creative Communications, a P2C-Students department, we offer an opportunity to explore your interests in creative processes/content development, photography, podcasting, video production, writing, art and marketing, and communications. It is possible to have a blended job where, for a certain number of days/week, you focus on serving alongside a campus team and then, in the remaining days, working on different creative projects.”

Graham – Creative Communications Director 

“I never thought I would be on staff with any Christian ministry, let alone with P2C-S. It wasn’t on my radar when I started university, and yet God reorientated me and my path. He changed my heart and mind in regards to working with a Christian ministry. He showed me how my life had been changed by the gospel, which inspired me to want to help others to experience that too.”

Deborah – Part-time campus staff

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