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What does it look like to live an embodied, holistic, and missional Christian life?

Here is a curated selection of blogs related to mission from us to you. We hope they inspire, serve, and support you as you engage in mission wherever God places you.

Global Missions Team, P2C-Students

What is Global Missions?

What is global missions? And why does it matter?

Written by Élizabeth Lecavalier

Just like there are good pastors and bad pastors, good churches and bad churches, there are also good and bad missions initiatives; deplorable missionary efforts do not mean exemplary ones did or do not exist. 

In light of global missions’ bad rep, I think it’s all the more critical for us to recover what is right, good, and worthy about missions: what it really is, why it’s a big deal, and what it has looked like.

The Great Commission: an invitation and command

By Andy Smits

You may have deep questions about God, such as, who has he created me to be? Does God just care about what I do for him? Am I ‘ready’ to be used by God? What if I don’t feel ‘enough’? . . . continue reading

What is PRAXIS?

By Justin E. Chan

My heroic way of understanding the Great Commission wasn’t necessarily wrong, but it was incomplete: it’s for all Christians, whether we worship or we doubt… continue reading

Stories on mission

Short-term mission trip, long-term impact

Written by Dave

To describe something as “life-changing” can sometimes elicit eye rolls. But for many who take part in mission trips with Power to Change – Students, six weeks—or even just one week—can be transformative. 

Let’s check out what four participants have to say.

Learning to see the world as God sees it

By Sel

I was blinded by a combination of my pride and a narrow focus on the sin of the people and culture. This wasn’t the first time I took the wrong posture in missions, nor was it the last . . . continue reading

God, what in the world are you doing?

By Dave

Even in a pandemic, some were able to minister in-person, while others engaged digitally. I hope you will be encouraged as you read a sliver of an answer to the sincere question, “God, what are you doing?” . . . continue reading

How to live and go on mission

5 ways to get involved in global missions

Written by a staff member with P2C-S

Just as God has used people throughout history to make his glory known, he longs for each of us to participate in this same joyful mission. A bible study called Xplore (looking at God’s heart for the world, and how we can be involved in his global purposes), outlines five ways we can do this.

The what, how, and why of contextualization

By Justin E. Chan

Contextualization tailors communication to be sensitive to a person’s context. It’s adapting the gospel so the hearer can understand it, without compromising the core of Jesus’ message . . . continue reading

Live God’s mission in all you say and do

By Justin E. Chan

I’m still wrestling through the apparent tension between words and deeds. But I think I’m discovering that there is another way where these are in partnership, not tension: the kingdom mindset. . . continue reading

Being on mission at home

Live cross-culturally wherever you call home

Written by Char

For Jesus-followers, there is a clear invitation to engage with those who are different. God’s kingdom is made up of people from every culture. “Cross cultural living” is a beautiful and challenging opportunity to know God and his people more fully. 

Here are four of my friends who are living cross-culturally here in Canada, showing us how to engage with new cultures.

Support raising for mission trips

There is joy in support raising

Written by Erin Ford

Since my first missions trip with P2C I’ve gone on two other mission trips, completed two national internships and joined full-time staff. I’ve spent a lot of time in the past 4 years raising financial support. It hasn’t always been easy, but I want to share with you the deep joy that you can have as you raise financial support for a missions trip.

Discerning to go on mission

Is God calling me to go on a mission trip?

By Melissa C with OMF Canada

Instead of asking the question, “How do you know if God is calling you?,” in which we are the focal point, we can ask, “How does God want you to be obedient to his will?,” in which God is the focus.

Perhaps “calling” isn’t so mysterious or as complicated as we think.

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