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A chance to collaborate

In Atlantic Canada, where we have many campuses and students involved across four provinces, we love any opportunity we have to get together: to learn from one another, to be encouraged as we hear from other groups, and just because it’s a lot of fun.

We often get the chance to collaborate in February, as Reading Weeks for many campuses fall at different times. This year, Mount Saint Vincent University, St. Mary’s University, Dalhousie University, and the University of Prince Edward Island all had the same week off, while the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Fredericton had a different one. So, we packed up our cars and headed to New Brunswick with eight students for a week of missions!

Our main focus this week was to hear UNB students’ perspectives on spiritual topics. For those who were interested, discussions often continued and we were also able to share our faith with them. It was a week of intentional gospel conversations, training and steps of faith for the students involved.

By Allison LorraineI must share my faith

At the end of our trip, we debriefed with the students to hear what God had been teaching them over the course of the week, and I was so encouraged by what they shared.

Patrick from Dalhousie University expressed, “I have always been reluctant in evangelism, but this trip helped me realize that logically, if I believe what I say I do, I must share my faith. If I believe that God is good, that he has saved me, and that he loves everyone, then I cannot have a ‘meh’ attitude towards evangelism.”

My time as a student is a great opportunity to share Christ with those who need him, one that I don’t want to squander. – Inny, St. Mary’s University

Another student, Inny from St. Mary’s University, shared a similar lesson: “I was convicted deeply about the need that exists on my campus and my role in meeting that need. When I get to heaven, will I say, “Look at my degree, God!”? Or will he say to me, “I have saved you. What did you do with that?’” I am realizing that my time as a student is a great opportunity to share Christ with those who need him, one that I don’t want to squander.”

How God was in control

I saw God use this trip to remind me of his sovereignty. I organized the trip, and I found myself feeling responsible for its success. One day, we were not able to set up where we had planned, and had to choose an alternative location, which we assumed would have less student traffic.

By Allison Lorraine

Standing in our new location, as students flooded by the banners, I realized that God had a plan all along, and that he was the one at work, not me. Then, hearing the students share what they were learning, I realized that God had done much more than I could have even imagined he would. I am thankful that I am not in control, but that my good and faithful God always is.



By Allison Lorraine


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