Last year I posted on: Why it is important we start talking about what it means to be human?  We are increasingly noticing that this generation of students is going through an identity crisis and this both provides new challenges and opportunities for engaging students with the good news that Jesus knows what it means to be human.  Watch this two minute video to see a compelling description of what we see happening in this generation.

In response to this growing identity crisis we have established a task force named IMAGO. One of the co-leaders of the task force recently wrote these paragraphs describing IMAGO’s mission.

“What is IMAGO?”

IMAGO is a theological and ministry development project created by Power to Change – Students (P2C). The mission of IMAGO is to help a generation of young people understand, live, and communicate the gospel in a biblical, embodied, and culturally relevant way by addressing the question “What does it mean to be human?” The word IMAGO is taken from the latin “Imago Dei” or “image of God” which first appears in Genesis when God makes humanity in his image and calls human beings to rule over creation and mediate his presence in the world.


As P2C celebrates 50 years of ministry in Canada, we recognize that Canadian culture and the context of our ministry on university campuses has changed radically over the past several decades. Today’s students are in the midst of significant cultural and worldview shifts which are accompanied by new set of values, assumptions, and questions and are contributing a crisis of identity. With this in mind, the hope of IMAGO is to help students discover Jesus by connecting the gospel to conversations about human identity, purpose, and destiny that students are already having in light of major social issues such as gender, sexuality, race, and technological development.”


Join us in praying for creativity and empathy as we seek to study, experience and share Jesus’ preeminent relevance to human identity.


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