Intersection – More to Grow On

God intersects his mission with your mission, his heart with your heart, and his extraordinary message of hope with the lives of countless searching people. Check out these additional resources as you collide with Jesus in these intersections, and start living the gospel message out loud.


What does it look like to see and love the world the way God does? Finding the Beauty of Nothing Hidden is Erin’s account of how God helped her to do just that while on a mission trip to Gateway. In this closed country, God revealed to her the brokenness and need of the people around her. But he also helped her to see the deeper brokenness that she shares with everyone else, so that she would desire to be used by God to bring his light to the darkness of sin and brokenness.

In this short video, Care About All Suffering, John Piper explains the way in which Christians should love others. This means caring for both the physical and emotional needs of people, but also caring for their spiritual state. The emphasis is on ALL suffering, not just on certain kinds, just as Christ addressed all kinds of suffering. But, as Jennifer mentions in the short reading Compassion Fatigue, sometimes the burden of caring for all of these things can be too much, and we have to remember that God is ultimately in control, that he has already redeemed the world, and that we need to surrender all of it to him.


Running the Race of Life is a short video interview with a pastor, Mike Wilkins, in which he describes how his cancer diagnosis has completely altered his outlook on life and ministry. Even in the midst of pain and fear, he was able to remember that God works all things together for our good. His story reminds us of God’s sovereignty. He is in control of the story, and he is working in ways we can’t even imagine. Knowing that truth, Mike found confidence to face the challenge ahead. And if we have the same perspective, then we can learn to be bold and trust God in any situation.

Do you eagerly await the good future that God has promised us, or are you content to live in the present moment? That is the question addressed in the article How Eternity Changes Everything in Our Restlessness. This short read explains why we should be restless in our desire to see that future come into being and how that affects the way we live. If we orient our lives toward that future goal, then we can learn to be truly content with our present because we know the end goal. The article ends with some challenging questions to consider in light of this perspective, but don’t stop with those; take a moment to examine the things in your own life to see if you’ve settled for now.


Making Jesus known doesn’t always mean standing on street corners or engaging strangers in conversation. It can also mean loving your neighbours, literally. In these MoveIn stories, participants share their motivations and experiences in dedicating their lives to caring for those around them through hospitality, friendship, and prayer.

We all face fear and doubt in evangelism. We put pressure on ourselves to do well, to be effective, to be the perfect representative for Christ. Ang, however, realized that “failed” evangelism attempts are not the worst things that can happen. Sharing the Gospel: What’s the Worst That Could Happen? is her reminder that we don’t have to be perfect evangelists, we just have to be willing.


One of the biggest obstacles to sharing one’s faith is the fear of rejection. Three Ways to Beat the Fear of Rejection is a short video that explains the three main reasons we deal with this fear, and three ways in which we can overcome these obstacles. As we learn to love, focus on others, and grow in our understanding of and ability to speak about the gospel, we will be able to witness to others throughout our day-to-day lives.

If you are looking for encouragement or direction for sharing your faith with others, check out these series of seven short video on how to Share Your Faith. Though they are brief, these instructional and personal talks provide a good basis for making evangelism a part of your life. Be inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit in you, learn about how to be intentional without being forceful, and gain a better understanding of the thresholds that people move through on their way to salvation. To understand how this might look in action, read The Wonder of Seeing My Friend Move Through Thresholds to Faith in Jesus.


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