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By Christina J

Almost a year ago, the Québec expansion team started a group at Dawson, an English Cegep in Montreal. Kim was one of the first Christian students we met.

During that first year, she was one of the only firmly committed students in our group.

Dawson College Montreal Power to ChangePhoto by Yi Su

“To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect of Power to Change. I liked the word “Power to Change” though, because I felt as if this was the opposite of who I was.

I did not really know how to make a change in my school as a Christian. But this group made me hope that I can, in some way, and with God’s help, powerfully change the world… Or at least my Cegep.” – Kim

When I, Christina, started meeting with Kim in January to help train her, one of the first challenges I gave her was to invite her friends to a party P2C was hosting. Even though this was a huge challenge, Kim agreed to take this step of faith and invited two of her close friends.

I didn’t know what the party was going to be like and I didn’t know what kind of impression it would leave on Maria. I was afraid that she would not like it, would never come back and would stop talking to me!

But what I did not even realize was that God was already at work in Maria’s heart without me even knowing it. ” – Kim

Both of Kim’s friends accepted the invitation and came to our party. Kim was very surprised that they both loved it and were interested in coming out to our future activities. Kim was excited and relieved to see God at work.

A few weeks later, Kim and I went out to engage students on her campus in gospel-themed conversations. This was Kim’s first time approaching students on campus with the intention of talking with them about spiritual things, and we were both pretty nervous. A few minutes later, as we arrived in the cafeteria, we saw Maria, Kim’s friend, eating lunch alone.

We decided to go talk to her.

It didn’t take long for us to realise that Maria was a lot more interested in spiritual things than we had thought. After sharing the gospel with her, we invited her to join us for a Bible study to explore Jesus. To our great joy, she agreed to meet us weekly!

“Before connecting with Kim, I just struggled day to day. I didn’t really have something to help me through life and I was really far from God. I thought of Him sometimes but I always let very dark thoughts and school distract me.

The first thing that made me want to commit to God was my talks with Kim. We connected very fast and could talk about anything, including God.

I was pretty skeptical though. Not because I didn’t believe but because I kept this record of moments where I felt He had failed me over time. “ – Maria

Slowly but surely, Maria started putting her trust in God.

She stopped blaming Him for past issues and started seeking a relationship with Him.  A few months later at Summit, our student retreat, Maria decided to follow Jesus and prayed to accept Jesus as her Lord and Saviour. She is continuing to grow in her faith, even though it’s not always easy.

“Since I decided to commit my life to God, life is less empty. The burdens are easier and I really feel relieved when I talk to God. Lately things have been pretty rough in my life and I’ve missed some times to connect with God.

My faith may tremble a little, but I won’t give up on Him like before because I want to trust Him with my life.”- Maria

It’s exciting to see how a few steps of faith can have a great impact.

Looking back on what happened in Maria’s life, I am glad Kim and I didn’t listen to our fears and decided to trust God instead.

“I have learned that being afraid can not stop me. It only takes a little will and a lot of prayer to be a resource for my friends and make a change. I am praying that God will continue to give me the power to change what I cannot change alone.” – Kim

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