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If you enjoyed the Journey small group study, we’ve got more great resources that dig deeper into the main takeaway of each lesson.

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In Understanding the Trinity, John Piper explains what it means to say that God is “triune.” He breaks down the reasoning for understanding God as one being in three persons, all of whom are fully God and yet separate from one another. In doing so, he also touches on the ways in which the Trinity has been misunderstood and misinterpreted over time. For a shorter, more comedic explanation, you can also watch St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies, which describes these same misunderstandings (although some of the language is more technical).

Exploring the Holy Spirit is a series of four videos in which David Platt talks about the role and importance of the Holy Spirit. He begins by pointing out a problem that he has seen developing in the church of ignoring the Holy Spirit and/or downplaying his role. Thus, he goes through the doctrine in order to remind us of why we need the Holy Spirit in our lives and ministry.


Adapted from J. D. Greear’s book, Jesus, Continued…, 6 Ways We Experience the Presence of the Holy Spirit talks about the privilege we have been given through receiving the Holy Spirit, and how we can learn to experience his presence in our lives. Yet we are reminded that we still need to be discerning, and that the best way to truly experience the Spirit, and know that that experience is trustworthy, is to return to Scripture.

It might sound odd to say that The Holy Spirit is Not Our Crazy Uncle, but the goal of this article is to help us to understand that the Holy Spirit is not someone to be ignored or avoided. Instead, we should learn to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. As we do, we will see the amazing impact that he has on our lives as well as the lives of others around us.


7 Steps to Walking the Spiritual Walk is a devotional based on Ken Berding’s Walking in the Spirit that suggests seven ways to grow your passion for the Spirit and have your life changed by him. Referencing Romans 8, this short reading explains what each of these steps means and why they are important in our walk with the Holy Spirit.

Ron Dunn uses the imagery of the vine and the branches to illustrate How to Live the Life of a Branch, or in other words, how to abide in Christ as we walk with the Spirit. His imaginative conversations with inanimate objects help to clearly communicate what it looks like to abide in Christ and to be ready for whatever work the Holy Spirit would like to use us for.


Although this article is filtered through a focus on pornography, How to Overcome the Flesh explains the problem with leading our lives and our spiritual walks through a set of restrictions. When we’re given a list of “don’ts” without being offered a better solution, we are bound to fail. But the Bible reminds us that overcoming the flesh is not about doing the right things, but about relying on the Spirit. Only the Spirit can free us of our temptations and give us a new way of thinking.

For Freedom Christ Has Set Us Free is a sermon by John Piper on Christ’s desire and command for us to be free. He uses a parenting illustration to explain how being given independence and the “freedom” to obey or disobey is more oppressive than receiving our Father’s help as we strive to do what is right. He reminds us that we are free of the burden of owing anything to God for our salvation, that we are not indebted or enslaved to him, because everything we can give has already been given by him. The price is already paid, and God offers it freely to us.


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