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Kirk Durston

Welcome to the official website of Kirk Durston

We are all riding the river of time, inexorably toward the end of our mortal lives, and into forever. If true beliefs are those that correspond to reality … then what is reality when it comes to God and eternity? Deep questions and enormous implications, are dealt with here.

There was a time, not that long ago, when it was a popular belief that science would explain everything and that belief in God was in full retreat in the face of the advance of science. However, the big philosophical questions and discussions surrounding the implications of God have returned much stronger than ever before in the history of humanity. Questions of ultimate moral laws, the fingerprints of God in the genomes of life, the problem of evil and the existence of God, ultimate purpose for life, and many others will be addressed here, but the ultimate purpose of this website is to promote serious thought about the spiritual aspect of life from the perspective of authentic Christianity …. the sort spoken of by Jesus of Nazareth. It is hoped that here you will find a stepping stone to knowing God.

Kirk Durston

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