Slavery in the Bible – One may often hear the belief that the Bible condones slavery. Most people are surprised to see what the Bible actually says about slavery in both the Old Testament and the New. – Download pdf

Devious Distortions: Durston or PZ Myers? (or Estimating the Probability of Functional Biological Proteins) – A Response to atheist PZ Myers’ blog titled ‘Durston’s Devious Distortions’. This article corrects some serious errors made by Myers, and explains how to estimate the probability of biological proteins. These probabilities, calculated from real data, definitively falsify the hypothesis that biological proteins arose through an evolutionary process. Furthermore, the statistically significant, functional information required to code for biological proteins provides positive evidence of having originated from an intelligent mind. – Download pdf

God’s Command for Abraham to Sacrifice Isaac – Some atheists use the biblical story of God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, to riducule the idea of the existence of God. It is difficult to discern what the argument actually is, for it does not logically follow that because we do not like what person X asks person Y to do that, therefore, person X does not exist. Furthermore, since most atheists believe the story is merely a myth, why get so upset about it as Christopher Hitchens did? We do not normally get upset by what we read in fairytales. A response is only necessary if the story is actually true. Assuming it is true, therefore, what actually happend? — Download pdf

If You Thought Religion was a Bad Idea … Check Out Atheism – A popular urban myth is that religion may have some good points, but overall, they are outweighed by a history of violence and war. As a result, some would say that religion has primarily been a force for evil. In reality, however, the track record of certain atheist states over the past century has been horrific. People may use religion to justify events such as the Crusades, the Inquisition, or witch burnings, but the data indicates that nothing frees societies up to unleash the wholesale slaughter of millions like atheism does. – Download pdf

Which Religion is True? – A two-page article discussing four steps one can use to determine which religion is true. – Download pdf

Short Answers to Big Questions – Notes – Download pdf

Books for Mentoring Young Men – A short list of books that can be very helpful to work through with your older teenage children, say, 15 and up. Read one or two chapters per week and then meet to discuss. Alternatively, take turns reding a portion of the chapter alound, stopping to discuss ech portion as you work through the chapter. – Download pdf

Thoughts on Using Social Media – An enormous amount of time is spent on social media and gaming, frequently at the expense of more quality friendships, more productive hobbies and good use of discretionary time. This short article gives some practical suggestions as to how to keep this area under proper control. – Download pdf

Is the Past Infinite? – One objection to the Kalam Argument and the cosmological argument in general, is that the universe did not have a beginning to its existence. As Sean Carroll suggested, time t runs from negative infinity to postive infinity. There is no problem with this concept mathematically, but it is impossible when applied to reality. This article explains why. – Download pdf

Teaching Critical Thinking to Your Children – One phenomenon that plagues society today is the absence of critical thinking. As a result, decisions are made that are damaging and irrational. Beliefs are embraced that are without basis and false. Teaching critical thinking to our children ought to be an important component of their upbringing. Here is a very brief, two page introduction that includes several resources for further training of your child.  – Download pdf

Letters to My Sons and Daughters – These are the first ten letters I wrote to my sons and daugthers containing thoughts that I wished I had known about or instilled when they were growing up, or things that are important enough to deserve a second mention now that they are grown. I have posted them here as examples so that other parents can get ideas for doing something similar with their own grown children, or better yet, teach them before they are grown.  – Download pdf




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