Short Videos:

The Beginning of the Universe and the Existence of God: A creatively done, three and a half minute video that presents an argument for the existence of a supernatural, timeless and uncaused Creator of the universe.


What Makes Christianity Different from All Other Religions? : If there is a religion that is God-originated rather than human-originated, one would expect it to have some highly unusual characteristics. There are some unusual things about Christianity that make it remarkably different from any other world religion.


Does God Exist and Why is it Important to You?: This 22 minute talk, given at Fanshawe College, has three parts to it. In the first part, an argument for the existence of God as supernatural Creator is given, based on the application of logic to advances in our understanding of the cosmos. The second part presents an historical argument for the existence of God. In the final part, we see why the existence of God is the most important thing a person can possibly respond to.



Carleton University 2013‘God Exists and Can be Known’ Finn vs. Durston


University of Guelph 2011, ‘Is God Necessary for Morality?‘, DiCarlo vs. Durston


University of Alberta 2009‘Does God Exist?’, PZ Myers vs. Kirk Durston