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Summit is my favourite time of the school year with P2C-Students.

I went five times as a student and last year was my first year being on the staff team. In asking students and staff what they love about Summit, I often hear a variety of responses: the fall colours, the time spent with God, the worship band, and the break from school.

Last year’s Southern Ontario’s Summit felt different, and it wasn’t just because of the hot and sunny weather! I felt God move like never before. I experienced new community and unity between larger campus movements and smaller expansion campuses. I saw the impact of God working in the hearts of students who came. I witnessed the influence the Holy Spirit had on students as they returned to campus and desired to share their faith with others.



Guarantee #1: Experience God

Up at Camp White Pine, God was present. Graham Watt shared from his heart on living life with eternity in mind. It was biblically based, focused and extremely applicable. He challenged us to consider what lasts for eternity when making choices.

Photo by Erin Ford
Photo by Erin Ford

Alex, a first year student, was really challenged and impacted by the main sessions:

“God brought to my attention the overwhelming thought of living life for eternity. I realized that nothing on this earth matters but living to glorify God and proclaim the good news to all of the earth. This weekend impacted my life and I now know that I need to trust God in everything. I feel pushed to live my life with eternity in mind.”

God also spoke to students during the extended quiet time and the Saturday night extended praise and worship session. Being able to dig into God’s Word, spend time in prayer, and seek his face helped to guide students into taking new steps of faith.

Summit huddle

Guarantee #2: Experience community

Unique at Summit last year was the large number of expansion and college campuses represented. In efforts to not drown out the smaller delegations, each larger campus (Guelph, Mac, Waterloo/Laurier, Western and Brock) took a smaller campus under their wing. They helped to create cheers, encourage, and integrate each campus into the weekend. The result? Increased unity and fellowship between all campuses.

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Jonathan, a fourth year student, loved the community atmosphere:

“This Summit was the best in my 4 years. As an upper year I was able to get to know the first years, which was such a blessing. Best of all, I was able to spend time with students from other campuses, catch up on how God’s working in their lives and see how they’re doing.”

The infamous Boy’s Ball Hockey Tournament is always a classic community builder every year at Summit. Western University cleaned up, taking home the Summit Cup! Everyone was at the finals cheering on McMaster and Western, even the worship band members who played with the staff in the annual staff vs. students game!


Guarantee #3: Experience adventure

Adventure and excitement is a key component at Summit every year. Whether it’s nature walks, canoeing, volleyball, or volunteering, there’s a lot of adventure at Summit.

Our speaker, Graham, was able to have his family join him for the weekend:

“The landscape at Summit painted a picture of God’s creativity. Canoeing on Saturday with my family was a blessing. The colourful leaves reflecting on the lake and a peaceful breeze filled your senses with beauty and pointed to God’s sovereign grace.”

Rebekah, a Creative Communications intern with P2C-S, spent the weekend filming and creating videos. She experienced the adventure of serving God with the skills and talents he has blessed her with:

“I loved getting to combine my skills in video with my passion for helping students discover Jesus. I felt so much purpose in the filming I was doing at Summit, knowing that it would be used in videos to challenge and encourage students to take steps of faith.”


Guarantee #4: Never be the same

Even though Summit lasts for a weekend, lives are always changed. You will be inspired and challenged. You will be encouraged and mobilized. You’ll never be the same. So the question is, are you attending Summit this year?


Are you attending Summit this year?

Find your local Summit here.


Erin Ford

Erin is passionate about helping people grow in their faith and discover God. Favourite pastimes include ballet class on Tuesdays, cycling on the weekends, photography, and writing! One day Erin hopes to serve God overseas to help people from unreached places hear about Jesus. She has a huge heart for South Asia. Erin is currently learning what it means to surrender everything to God by the power of his Spirit, even the good gifts he gives.


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