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During Reading Week, I (Brad), Sam, a staff member with Power to Change’s humanitarian division, the Global Aid Network (GAiN) and five Canadian university guys will be embarking on nine days of construction, teaching, service and sharing the love of God. Originally, my awesome wife Cassandra had planned to join us, however as only men signed up for the trip, the GAiN leadership decided to make the trip all male!

While we’re in Haiti we will be staying in GAiN’s orphanage in the village of Ca-Ira. Situated on the coast of Leogane, Haiti exists Ca-Ira, an orphanage known for pouring out love and care for orphans and children from impoverished families. For years, this orphanage has saved countless children from starvation and sexual abuse.
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Yet, on the 12th of January, 2010 Ca-Ira experienced a major setback to their mission. The two-story building that housed the living quarters for the children was completely destroyed by the destructive earthquake, killing five orphans and two of the orphanage staff members. The school center and the church that sheltered 220 pupils and 20 teachers also collapsed.

To help Ca-Ira return to the hope they once brought the children, GAiN partners with the orphanage to reestablish a children’s village where:

  • 144 children will find refuge
  • up to 700 students from nursery to school vocational school will be able to get a high quality and practical education
  • hundreds of families will benefit through the medical center, school and the community outreach program
  • many staff and workers will find employment
Global Aid Network HaitiGAiN has been sending LIFE teams to help with the rebuilding process since 2010. Click here to discover more about how this project has been changing the lives of Haitian children.
Our team of seven will spend our mornings helping to build a church nearby to the orphanage. Our afternoons will be divided between working with children at the orphanage’s school (which welcomes more than 200 local children daily), distributing food and Operation Christmas Child boxes in the village. We will share Christ with the locals, both individually and through activities like showing the film, The Jesus Film.

Your Turn…

Join us to pray for Haiti and GAiN’s on-going work:
  • that there would have many opportunities to share the love of Christ,
  • that our Canadian students would continue to grow in their desire to serve in mission,
  • that this work would contribute to GAiN’s mission of “showing the love of God through word and deed to hurting and needy people.”


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