Location:  Guelph, Ontario
Date:  April 29, 2019 - June 28, 2019
Cost:  $1800
Application Deadline:  January 31, 2019

Being pushed in that way to learn a tool that I had previously not known much about at all, I think that brought much growth. It was very fulfilling, because it was challenging but not in a way that was overwhelming... It really did feel like the work put in front of me was meaningful. It helped people know Jesus more, or know about Power to Change.


CREATE for the flourishing of His Kingdom in Canada and around the world!

2020 Opportunities Coming Soon

What is CREATE?

We have been created in the image of God. Just as God created us and the world we inhabit, he has placed within us an innate desire to create. The CREATE Experience is for anyone who is seeking to learn and experience how their various skills can contribute meaningfully to the advancement of God’s kingdom. The CREATE Experience is designed to help you grow personally as a child of God, professionally in your area of skill, and spiritually as you deepen your understanding of how God has called you to contribute to the Great Commission.

There is a valuable role for you to play in the building of his Kingdom! We invite you to come and experience the joy and opportunity God gives you to be a part of his work this summer.

What Will We Be Doing?

At the Power to Change – Students office in Guelph, Ontario, the CREATE mission trip team will be working alongside the Creative Communications team in a few key areas that we believe will help students discover Jesus and grow God’s Kingdom in Canada and around the world.  We seek to partner with the Spirit by giving you the opportunity to use your technical, artistic and communication skills to contribute to building God’s Kingdom. Based on the makeup of the team, we will be dreaming up, planning, and creating something that will help more students discover Jesus. It could be an app, a literary project, a video series, a podcast, you name it! As a team, we will assess the skills we collectively bring to the table, come up with an idea, and do our best to bring it to completion by the end of the trip.

Internship opportunities exist with Creative Communications in addition to the opportunities with the CREATE Experience. Contact us for more details.

Come on the Journey

If you have skills in engineering, design, art, music, writing, videography, photography, computer programming, business, marketing or finance, we would love for you to join us! You may have never imagined how God can use your creative talents in ministry, but we hope that through this mission trip, you will experience it first hand!

Questions? Email create@p2c.com

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