DRIME exists to help people discover Christ through choreographed street drama, empower others for ministry through drama and evangelism training, and inspire passionate, discipled leaders through purposed community. 

Why Edmonton?

Edmonton is a place that is on the hearts of many DRIME members. The Albertan Capital is home to over a million people, and is considered the hub for many festivals and conferences.  It has a lively street and arts culture, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership with local churches & ministries in the city.  Our hope is that our short-term trip will have a long-term impact, and that we will take significant steps toward establishing a permanent DRIME team in Edmonton.

What Will We Be Doing?

Working alongside our DRIME Vancouver team, we will be building awareness of the DRIME ministry to various churches and ministries. This trip will also include lots of street ministry, as well as drama and evangelism training. This trip is an exciting opportunity to help surface potential leaders that will continue to do ministry long after we leave.

Let’s Trust God to Do Something Extraordinary

Do you want to help change the world? Do you want to experience community while on a mission? We are looking for a team of people who are willing to go on an adventure, accept new challenges, and are wanting to grow in love and dependence on God. Let’s trust God for more, and bring light into the darkness as we serve alongside the local body of Christ!