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“I think the things that I was scared of were security reasons, it’s far away, and I need to get a visa. And what I realized was all the things that were stopping me were my own personal desires and wants. I realized it wasn’t what God wanted me to do, it was what I wanted to do. So to discern that was hard for me. I had to surrender it all.”


East Asia

Bringing Light to the Darkness


Our History: An Inspiring Legacy

In 1997, Canada sent its very first Power to Change mission trip to East Asia, followed by our first STINT (one year internship) team in the fall of 1998. East Asia was on the cusp of an explosive spiritual awakening to the gospel at this time! There was such a hunger for the gospel that it was not uncommon to see people coming to know the Lord daily. New believers were leading their friends to Jesus and discipleship would begin immediately.

Over the past 20 years, we have sent over a thousand students on mission trips to East Asia and have mobilized over 150 international interns and long-term workers. Thousands have been touched by the gospel, national staff have been raised up, and national students and staff have been mobilized to bring Jesus to their own country and into Central Asia. We are especially excited to see the growth of many indigenously-led house churches and the growth of the vision to bring the gospel back to Jerusalem.

We Invite You to Join Us

With a passion to see unreached people groups discover Jesus, we are now embarking on a new opportunity. We are now shifting our focus to a region in East Asia with a high concentration of unique people groups who are considered unreached and unengaged with the gospel.  Our STINT teams will be pioneering new ground, working amongst people groups who are not able to discover Jesus within their own cultural context—even if they wanted to.

Will you join us in this new opportunity that the Lord has given to us?


What Your Year Will Look Like

During your year, you will have an opportunity to be a student of both East Asian language and culture, increasing your communication ability with local students. Being a student will enable  you to have the opportunity to meet and develop meaningful friendships with local students, sharing your life with them along the way. Many students will come from unreached minority groups and you may be one of the first Christians they have ever met!

You will learn how to contextualize the gospel as you share Jesus with students who may have never had an opportunity to encounter the living God! As students come to faith, you will have the opportunity to journey with them through Bible studies and discipleship.

Additionally, you will be working closely with a local church plant, focussing on engaging people from minority groups in your city. This church planting ministry will serve as a partner in ministry and an opportunity to provide a church fellowship to students who are discovering Jesus.

As a team, you will live and work in deeper community than you may have ever experienced. Your team will become your family for the year, as you worship, pray, minister, and do life together. You will also receive training and direction from your team leaders, as well as mentorship from a mentor in Canada who will journey with you through your adventure in East Asia.

Let’s Trust God to Do Something Extraordinary

Do you have a heart for unreached people groups and a willingness to do the work of pioneering a new ministry?  Do you have a passion to share your faith relationally and invest in mobilizing this generation of East Asian students into mission?  Come and join us in writing this new chapter in our partnership in East Asia.

Deadline to apply: March 1st, 2019

How to apply: More details found on our Hiring Process Page

New Staff Foundations Training: Early May 2019

Phase One – Ministry Partner Development: May 2019 – August 2019

Phase Two – Orientation & Travel to Assignment: Mid- August 2019

Phase Three – Debriefing: In country June 2020 and in Canada in November 2020


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