Location: Vietnam
Deadline: January 31, 2019
Cost: $3950

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“I’m filled with overflowing love and can share that with others. I like the focus on missions this year being on love – love God, love your team, love others.”



Why OMF x P2C?

Over two thousand years ago, Jesus prayed that we would “be one” (John 17:21) so that the world would know Him. He has given OMF a heart to share His hope with communities in Asia. By partnering with a long-term OMF team stationed in Vietnam, we will seek to discover God’s heart for unreached peoples through cross-cultural missions.

Our vision for partnership with OMF is to learn from others and to be a conduit of blessing.  By partnering with OMF, we are acknowledging that both P2C and OMF bring a unique perspective and an important voice to the arena of cross-cultural missions, and we desire to learn and grow by working together.

Who is OMF?

OMF traces its history back to Hudson Taylor who revolutionized the ethos of cross-cultural missions. Taylor was a pioneer in missional contextualization, seeking to divorce the gospel from Western cultural norms as he ministered to people. This has remained a core value of OMF: to minister to locals in a way that speaks to the heart, values, and norms of the surrounding culture. Their desire is to truly be missional: ministering in a way that is culturally embedded and aware.

OMF’s heart is “to partner with the global church to see individual lives and whole communities redeemed through Jesus” and their vision is “to plant churches and nurture in ways that equip believers to grow God’s kingdom among those around them.”

What will we be doing?

Our OMF partners are established in various spheres of Vietnamese society seeking to build inroads based on mutual trust and respect. From university students, to community initiatives, to church planting, we will have the opportunity to gain a bigger picture for the various joys, challenges, and opportunities of ministering contextually in a cross-cultural setting. We will come with a learning posture and a desire to partner with others who are participating in God’s Kingdom work.  As a team, we will have the opportunity to participate in ministry through prayer, engaging in language and cultural learning, and engaging in ministry with our OMF partners.

Of the 54 ethnic minority groups in Vietnam, most are unreached. There are millions who have no church or Bible of their own. Based in both urban and rural settings, our OMF partners have a vision to equip the local Vietnamese church to engage missionally so that the good news of Jesus can spread throughout Vietnam and beyond.

Come on the Journey

Do you want to learn about the joys, challenges, and opportunities of living in a cross-cultural context while maintaining a vision to bring the gospel to those who have not yet heard about Jesus? Do you want to learn how God can use your degree in a different country as a platform for Kingdom work? Do you want to be a part of building a partnership across organizational lines for the sake of God’s Kingdom? Come with us as we discover God’s heart for the nations!

Please note that there are a limited number of spots available on this trip.

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