My Story – More to Grow On

Every follower of Jesus come pre-equipped with the best tool they could ever have to help someone discover Jesus – their story. Check out these extra resources to help you craft and launch your story, so you can engage your sphere of influence in gospel conversations.



My Story Videos

  • Watch the videos that accompany each My Story session.



Filming Tips

  • Here are some helpful tips to help you film and post your My Story video.



My Story Youtube Channel

  • Watch some past My Story videos posted by other P2C students.



99 Wondering Questions

  • Knowing how to ask good questions is an essential skill to develop as you engage your world in gospel conversations. “Wondering” your way into conversations can create curiosity and build trust in your relationships. Check out this list of 99 Wondering Questions from the book God Space by Doug Pollock for ideas on new questions to ask.


My Story: The Documentary

  • Follow 8 different students as they embark on the adventure of crafting and sharing their story.


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