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Are you concerned about the faith development of young adults who graduate high school and go to college or university? Do you want to give more than advice to find a church or a campus community? Do you want to find practical ways to help students cross the bridge from one chapter to the next as it concerns their faith journey?


Through the NEXT initiative, we want to help high school graduates connect to Christian community at their future college or university. We don’t want to wait till their first September – we want to help them while they’re still in high school. In order to do this across Canada, we are looking for a variety of volunteers to join us.

Youth Pastors


You are on a journey as much as your child is as they head to university or college. Chances are, you’re looking for some insight, perspective, and help to continue preparing them for their next chapter. We hope these series of articles written by parents will address and explore various questions, concerns, and challenges you have as a parent of students headed to college or university.