Are you passionate about the faith development of young adults who graduate high school and go to college or university?

Do you want to find practical ways to help students successfully go from one chapter of life to the next?

The NEXT Initiative seeks to come alongside you so that together we can help those heading to post-secondary bridge a connection to future Christian communities.

We have 8 main resources for you to explore below:

  1. NEXT Steps Awards
  2. Help make connections
  3. Newsletter for youth leaders called NEXT for Leaders and Connectors
  4. Partnership
  5. Shift >> Enter video curriculum
  6. Mentorship resource cards
  7. Blog articles to help support students
  8. Support for parents

1. NEXT Steps Awards

The P2C-S NEXT Steps Awards are available across Canada in 2023. There are 100+ awards available, totalling up to $50,000. The largest award available is $5,000, which is open to any applicant going to a publicly funded post-secondary institution in Canada. There is a $3,000 and $2,000 award. In addition, there are 101 other awards, between $200 and $1,000 in value.

These awards are designed to encourage a healthy transition to post-secondary, both by offering funds and by facilitating connections to faith communities on campus.

2. Help make connections

The Canadian Hemorrhaging Faith study revealed that “transitions are often exit points (of faith) for young adults”. More recently, we learned from the Renegotiating Faith study that only 30% of Canadian youth workers have a plan for helping their students make connections with new Christian communities after they graduate. Yet for those who do, their students are 4X more likely to stay connected to the Church. This is a huge opportunity for us! 

We need to build partnerships with organizations and churches in these new communities that share our values and passion for the faith formation of our kids.

Sid Koop with Canadian Youth Worker Community

We’d love to help your youth step into life at university or college by introducing them to Christian students there. Please invite them to fill out our connect form and to follow their new local campus community on our Find your campus page. 

3. Newsletter: NEXT for Leaders and Connectors

The NEXT Initiative is passionate about resourcing pastors, parents, teachers, and youth workers to help their graduating Grade 12s further their walk with Christ in local Christian community.

To receive resources, stories, and encouragements, please subscribe to our newsletter called NEXT for Leaders and Connectors. You will also find great content for your post-secondary-bound students! 

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4. Partnership

Over the years the NEXT Initiative has been blessed to partner with churches and ministries across Canada as we collectively seek to support students get connected with Christian community in college/university.

We currently have strong partnerships with Youth For Christ/Youth Unlimited and Youth Worker Community.

You can read blogs and listen to podcasts we’ve hosted in collaboration with Youth Worker Community.

If your church/ministry desires to partner with the NEXT Initiative, please fill out the connect with us form.

5. Shift >> Enter

This “Shift >> Enter” video curriculum pilot episode helps prepare young adults who are heading off to college and university to have an enduring faith through this often challenging transition.

Watch the pilot episode with your youth and use it to help facilitate your own small group or one-on-one mentoring discussion. 

Not sure where to start on content for the gathering students to prepare for post-secondary? Check out a sample of our speaking notes and a presentation. If you want to do the presentation yourself, feel free to adapt the above materials. 

This collaborative project is designed by Tyndale University, Fellowship International, and Power to Change – Students.

6. Mentorship resource cards

The Mentorship Resource cards (in print and digital) offer a series of conversation starters designed to facilitate a relationship between a Christian mentor and a mentee who is transitioning into their next stages of life in post-secondary.

Click here for FAQ and order details.

7. Blog articles to help support students

These seven blog articles are worthwhile for students or for someone who cares about students. Whether you’re helping a friend, your child, or a high school student you’re mentoring, your investment in their life matters.

3 myths I fell for in university

  • Busting these myths ahead of time can help your student walk out their faith journey in university/college. Read more

5 pivotal decisions you’ll face during your first year of university

  • Your students are about to enter a season of immense opportunity. How will they make the most of it? Thinking through these decisions now may help. Read more

Surviving transition, without transitioning out of your faith

  • Dallas, a youth leader, shares insight on how students can survive major life transitions. Read more

Let’s deconstruct “deconstruction”

  • Do you know someone facing a “mid-faith crisis”? Help them know that they’re not alone, and encourage them to find answers with others. Read more

I almost walked away from my faith

  • This is Sarah’s story of re-framing her faith. Instead of deconstructing, she “renovates.” Read more

How to handle change

  • Transitions are naturally messy. Whenever change happens, a mix of emotions will inevitably ensue. Help your students navigate these emotions well. Read more

How to help your child succeed spiritually while in university

  • Written from a parent’s perspective, this article has tips for anyone who cares for youth. Read more

8. For parents

You are on a journey as much as your child is as they head to university or college. Chances are, you’re looking for some insight, perspective, and help to continue preparing them for their next chapter. We hope this article written by parents will address and explore various questions, concerns, and challenges you have as a parent of students headed to college or university.

We hope that you will be reassured of three things:

  1. You are not alone
  2. It is never too late to prepare your child
  3. God cares about your child and you through this journey

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