Kirk Durston

Kirk Durston speaks at universities across Canada, the USA and the UK on topics pertaining to God, philosophy and science and the defence of authentic Christianity. He holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics, an M.A. in Philosophy, and undergraduate degrees in both Physics and Mechanical Engineering, and has several papers in peer reviewed science journals and philosophy journals. He has been married for 35 years to Patti and they have six children and three grandchildren. He enjoys landscape photography, antiques of various types, wilderness canoeing and camping, fly fishing, amateur astronomy, reading, and enjoying family and friends.

Kirk grew up on a cattle and grain farm in central Manitoba, Canada, where he spent countless hours wandering around on his own in the forest as a young boy, fascinated with the plants and animals that are native to that region of the province. Throughout his teen years he spent six days a week working as a farm hand with cattle and grain. He left his father’s farm at the age of 19 to go to university.


  • Physics and the Existence of God | Tuesday 2:30pm | Grand Richmond Ballroom B
  • Apologetics 101: What is apologetics? | Wednesday 2:30pm | Grand Richmond Ballroom B
  • Did Jesus Exist? | Wednesday 4:00pm | Grand Richmond Ballroom A
  • A Scholarly Case for Intelligent Design | Thursday 1:00pm | Grand Richmond Ballroom D
  • A Thoughtful Look at Matthew Vines’ ‘God and the Gay Christian’ | Thursday 4:00pm | Grand Richmond Ballroom B