Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

Psalm 46:10

Join us in building community, learning about the different countries and the people groups they contain, and praying for the world.

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  2. Learn about the country and how Jesus is at work. Find out specific ways to pray for the people who live there. While there are 251 countries and territories in the world, there are actually thousands of unique people groups. Some ideas to get you started:
  3. Gather a group or take time on your own to pray.
  4. Under the “Which country did you pray for?”, submit your group or name as you would like to appear. When you make a submission, it might take a while to show up, so you only need to do it once. We hope to see people from all across Canada praying together!

* Countries and territories loosely based on the ISO 3166 standard.

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Recent Prayers

Country Name Prayer
JordanDavePrayed for God to send workers. Prayed that He mobilize the local church. Prayed for King Abdullah--that he would see his need for the Saviour and that God would use him to turn his country around and to turn Islam around to the Saviour.
IranDaveThanks for the growth of the church there. Prayed for Iranians to become aware of their need for Jesus. Prayed for God to send workers to the various population groups there.
BoliviaP2C UofM Bible Study
NigeriaP2C/edmonton (U of A)
HaitiAnnalies and TerraHealing and restoration for the whole country. Strength and provision for the Believers.
VanuatuBrett and DanielPraise God for how His gospel has taken root! We prayed for true shalom and flourishing, that their witness would extend to other countries (even Canada), and for missionaries Daniel knows who served in Vanuatu.
CubaU of AGod would strengthen the Church.
South KoreaUofT
PhilippinesRyand- praying for a church in Philippines that has 2 million members who are being lead into wrong teachings and he claims that he is the appointed son of God. - praying people are more aware of false teachers and false prophets
TaiwanYolanda- Praying for the recent earthquake - praying for japan since they are very close - praying for threats from China and looming wars - praying for the increasing secularism and for the churches to have a strong footing to witness to others
New ZealandCaleb and the boys- praying for David Mitch to have a good impact on the people as he is there to share the gospel - praying that the maori people come to know Christ - praying for the secular culture
ItalyJolo- free from love of money and luxury - pray for the catholic church and any idolatry within the nation - people in other countries that look to Italy as prestige - the luxury not overshadow the poor
Congo, Democratic Republic of theEvelyn, Dave, CharlottePraying for Rebels to come to know Jesus, and for Pastors and Christians as they celebrate Easter.
LibyaDaniel- prayer for the muslim population and the extremist and moderate Muslims alike - prayer for the lybian church and for persecution of Christians
ThailandTrinity- Praying for the Buddhists - praying for human trafficking - praying for the growth of the church to reach the 80k villages
MexicoCharlotte, Dave, Evelyn, Justin, Victor
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMcGill-MacDonald Leaders
SudanP2C Catalytic Staff TeamFor God's protection in war. Provision in famine. For the Church to love their neighbour. May the Gospel take root in this country
JapanCatalytic Staff TeamThanks for the tasty cuisine from Japan. Pray against darkness as their stories look towards a hero who conquers and makes the right choices that they'd see Jesus as that perfect hero. Pray against loneliness especially in the large cities.
CubaConcordia Tuesday Womens DG
NigeriaConcordia Tuesday Womens DG
Congo, Republic of theConcordia Tuesday Womens DG
HaitiConcordia Tuesday Womens DG
PalestineBetsy and Friends- praying for the lost lives as a result of the conflict - praying for terrorists to repent and find Jesus - praying for faith for the Christians caught in Gaza that they be kept safe and steadfast - praying for the Arab community and leadership
IsraelBetsy and friends- praying for the war with Gaza - praying for revival in the Jewish and Muslim community - praying for the division in the world as a result of the conflict - praying the persecuted Christians caught in the conflict for faith during tribulation
HaitiMissions Hub (UofT)
Saudi ArabiaJeanBeloved Lord God, in this season of Ramadan devout Muslims are seeking God. Please intervene into the prayers of many in Saudi Arabia with dreams and visions leading to the knowledge of the One True God through Messiah Jesus. Bring salvation to many.
UkraineJeanGracious Lord God, please bring an end to the war in Ukraine. Things are not right there, Lord, not as the media has told the world. The Ukrainian people are suffering for it. May there be peace talks soon leading to a settlement and no more war. IJN
Syrian Arab RepublicCatalyst TeamPrayer for the malnutrition that exists, for the rebuilding of the country after the earthquake in 2023 and the devastation of war. For a government that is free of corruption. For those mourning the loss of people and the separation of diaspora.
CubaCatalytic TeamFor the church in Cuba, which is being increasingly persecuted. Prayer for strengthened believers and for a complex political history in the country.
FranceCatalytic Staff TeamPrayed against secularism. Prayed that hearts would change. Prayed that Muslims would see visions of Jesus during Ramadan and connect with Christians to see He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Prayed for friends doing inner-city min in Paris
Burkina FasoCatalytic TeamFor the local church as they would be generous in a way that surprises those around them, that they would be a missional force that unreached people here would be reached through them. For your power and majesty to be known over ever other power.
Hong KongVL
PhilippinesMissions Hub (UofT)
Sri LankaTabitha- physical and relation healing after a generation of civil war - freedom of religious expression and anti conversion laws - praying for growth and maturity in the indigenous - equipping christians in Sri Lanka to reach unreached people
Russian FederationDaniel- pray for leadership corruption in russia - pray for the christian community and their persecution in russia - pray for secularism within the community - pray for international politics and war with Ukraine
SpainRyand- pray for the muslim population in Spain - praying for the secularism, church authority has been diminished - spiritual renewal and genuine Christlikness - praying for the immigrants
BelgiumWaterloo Staff Team
PakistanDaniel- pray for the muslim community to repent within pakistan - christian persecution - pray for the war and terorroism in kashmir, for the lives lost. - pray for the government corruption
ChinaJoloPrayer for the safety of missionaries and underground churches, as well as opening the government’s heart to allow true Christianity to be practiced. Prayer that the Chinese people’s unique Christian experiences would inform the whole world’s faith
PhilippinesNormanPray for families experiencing poverty, pray for their need for a Saviour in the heightened industry of sex-trafficking and drug abuse. Pray for their economy under the corrupt government.
North KoreaSimeonPraying for: - the government repents and changes their ways - pray for the persecuted and the missionaries doing Gods work at that level since their lives are always endangered - pray for the abused women who are being trafficked
MauritiusBxWe pray for unity among Christian organizations to effectively minister to this religiously diverse nation.
MadagascarMissions Hub (UofT)Pray for the Gospel to reach isolated areas, godly leaders to guide economic improvements, and access to food and healthcare for those in poverty.
BhutanDave, Victor, Charlotte
EthiopiaCharlotte, Dave, VictorWe pray that Christians who are facing persecution would know God's presence and remain firm in their faith. We pray for churches' and other ministries' work to disciple believers.
SurinameP2C UofM Bible Study
CanadaGM teamFor P2C's ministries - for leadership capacity, innovation, and collective impact
AfghanistanWaterloo/Hamilton/Brantford Staff Day with GodPrayer for a family from Afghanistan that just arrived in Hamilton. Prayer for their family & friends left behind. Prayer for Christians in the country to be able to hold to their faith. Prayer for safety and the presence of God in all people there.
Viet NamVL
ComorosV, D, C, HStrengthen believers in faith and fellowship, and draw more people to know you.
TurkeyHope, Victor, Charlottepraying for persecuted followers of Jesus.
HondurasGM Team
Hong KongJohn Abbott Leaders
BrazilAbeni, Ryan, and Dave @ Conestoga DoonPrayed for the Wayoro/Ajuru peoples
IndiaTobi, Danielle, Dave @ Conestoga Doon
LithuaniaMissions Hub (UofT)Pray for more trained and Spirit-led church leaders
IndonesiaRegina and EvelynPraying for the elections happening in Indonesia, that the government and leadership will turn away from corruption and lead with justice. That muslims would turn to Jesus and find hope.
HondurasGM teamFor the reading week mission trip - that the team would have unity and bond well, and that hearts would be changed.
TajikistanCharlotte, Victor, DaveLord, I pray that you would strength Christians in Tajikistan. Help them to know each other and encourage each other. I pray that you would reveal yourself to many people through their dreams.
MalaysiaGM teamEncourage believers to persevere, and help those with bad intentions to encounter you instead!
GibraltarMcGill-MacDonald Leaders
PalestineChristalinaDear God I pray For the Palestinians that are suffering amidst the war that you’ll see and hear their pain, comfort and protect them, and provide for them You’ll end the Israeli and Palestinian conflict and heal the relationship between them Amen
FijiChan JGod, thank you for the growing church in Fiji. Recognizing the missional history of the Polynesians, we pray for collaboration and cooperation of local indigenous leaders and missional visitors. Strengthen the resolve for humility.
IrelandUW Wednesday Womens DGFor the hope of Jesus to heal widespread mental health struggles, for soft hearts and true faith in Jesus among those embittered by the Church, for immigrants to be embraced in vibrant Christian community
MoroccoTBFor Muslims to find what they are looking for in God's love
NigeriaTobi and Dave @ Conestoga Doon- end to corruption, Islam & terrorism, kidnappers, and false teachers - for true revival, a people of prayer & mission, and economic stability
United KingdomMBMay God's Kingdom come and will be done!
MaldivesThe Catalytic Staff TeamFor the Gospel to be made clear there. For God's protection and fruitfulness of missionaries. We prayed for conviction and Gospel repentance for drug use, divorce, and other immorality in the country. May God be made known
HondurasCatalytic Staff TeamPray for seeds to be planted and watered on the Reading Week Trip. Pray that hearts would be changed and as a result society changed so that people don't think of unsafety/violence when they first think of Honduras.
AnguillaCatalytic Ministry TeamPray for an identity rooted primarily in Christ, rather than nationality. There are only 15000 people on this island but one of them is serving with us as a student, praise the Lord!
Congo, Democratic Republic of theCatalytic TeamFor a country that is statistically Christian to be a nation known for faith that leads to transformation, that the church in Congo would be a beacon of hope. That the country would continue to overcome deep hurts of colonialism and corrupt leaders.
United States of AmericaJohnThat the federal government would try to end the wars it is fighting.

Which country did you pray for?