Students are living in an increasingly postmodern world. To disciple them well we need to connect not just with their intellect but with their whole being.

The Equipped Series: Loving and Serving Jesus for a Lifetime provides a small group experience to take you deeper in loving and serving Jesus.

Let Pat and Suz explain the vision for these resources:

What are the desired outcomes of the studies?

Equipped studies have been designed to:

  • engage both the head and the heart
  • help develop a holistic understanding of each topic
  • support confidence in theological understanding
  • provide opportunities to think critically
  • promote confidence in sharing one’s faith and story

How are these resources structured?

Each Equipped book is formatted as four lessons, and each lesson takes an hour to an hour and a half. A weekly campus small group should be able to complete two books each semester with a few weeks still left for other activities.

Lessons provide the full small group experience, including introduction activities and opportunities for introspection and outward action. The leader’s guides provides additional guidance to lead the group, and “More to Grow On” includes additional resources for further study. We have made the task of leading students through a small group as easy as possible, all in one package.

Each book covers a foundational aspect of faith which Power to Change believes are core learning objectives for a student involved in our ministry. Each book can stand alone in no particular order, though going through the entire set will provide a very well-rounded experience.

Don’t students come from different backgrounds, and have different levels of knowledge?

Yes. We recognize that some students have many years of solid biblical foundation knowledge, while others are new Christians with very little. The Equipped series provides a consistent theology in a systematic and well-thought series of lessons that brings all students to the same theological baseline, while still challenging more knowledgeable students to think about the topic in new ways.

The books were written with a university student in mind for both the participant and leader, but the context and information are not university specific.

With bold color, interactive questions, engaging stories, and authoritative quotations, these resources will connect with students’ current circumstances while equipping them for a lifetime.

Click below to learn more about each workbook, find the leader’s guide, and access the additional online resources including more of Pat and Suz Explain Shtuff.


Pat and Suz Explain Shtuff

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