Hi there, we’re so glad you’ve decided to join this Intersection study. In this study you’ll take a closer look at what it means to live the gospel message out loud through the following lessons:

  1. Heart – Our love for people should reflect God’s bigger heart for the world.
  2. Perspective – The way you view the world changes what you will invest your life in.
  3. Missional – God calls us to take part in making Jesus known, and when we fail, the gospel frees us from shame.
  4. Initiative – The Christian life is most fully realized when faith and action meet. This is especially true when sharing the gospel.


Leader’s Guide

Click on the image below to get the leader’s guide. There you’ll find an explanation of the different components of each lesson, suggestions for you as a leader to be aware of, as well as leader’s notes for each specific lesson.


Participant’s Workbook

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More to Grow On

Here you’ll find extra resources that go with each lesson in the Intersection study.

Small Groups