Identity in Christ

  • Position in Christ study
    • This CRU resource helps to illustrate who we are in Christ.
  • Beloved Charter activity
    • Allison’s Pick: I have found this activity so helpful in reminding me of truths I need to hear, and giving me something to come back to again and again when I need to remember how God sees me.


  • Heart Idolatry
    • Allison’s Pick: This article/reflection/discussion takes a deep look at what idolatry is, what our own idols are, and how we can look to the gospel in the midst of our brokenness.

Gender & Sexuality

  • Undiscussed Podcast Episodes on Sexual Identity and Transgender Identity
    • Jessica’s Pick: These podcasts host real people and real stories about real experiences.  I think you’ll appreciate learning from them and some of their expertise!
  • Holy Sexuality and the Gospel by Christopher Yuan
    • Allison’s Pick: This is a sensitive and clear look at God’s intentions for sexuality, written by a gay Christian.
  • Embodied by Preston Sprinkle
    • Allison’s Pick: Preston Sprinkle addresses a difficult topic with such care and recognition of the real people who are impacted by it. He clearly outlines our wrong understandings of gender before jumping into what God has to say about transgender identities and how we can love well across different views.

Singleness, Dating & Marriage

  • Being Single in a Couples Culture article
    • A look at a personal experience of singleness as well as some of God’s purposes for those who are single.
  • Undiscussed Podcast Episode on Marriage
    • Listen to Daniel and Christina Im, a married Christian couple, as they discuss marriage, relationships, and more from their own experience and expertise.
  • The Gospel and Sex article
    • Allison’s Pick: This article by Tim Keller covers a lot of ground in a pretty concise way. From culturally influenced views of sex and marriage to godly ways to think about singleness and dating, there is a lot here to talk about. You don’t have to agree with everything Keller says here to have some good food for thought from this read.

Going Deeper

  • With by Skye Jethani
    • This book looks at the wrong ways we often interact with God, and reminds us who we are in Him and what that means for how we relate to Him. I think it’s really helpful in thinking more in-depth about our identity in Christ.
  • Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller
    • Tim Keller’s classic book on idolatry. Full of wisdom and help in addressing idols in our lives.
  • Idols Sermon by Tony Evans
    • Allison’s Pick: This sermon by Pastor Tony Evans really hits. Though I haven’t seen any of his other sermons, I’d recommend this one for his clear and passionate preaching on what idols are and how destructive they can be to the heart and life of the believer.
  • Healing in my Broken View of Sex article
    • A personal story of addressing the impact of “purity culture” on a healthy view of sex and relationship.
  • Sex and the Single Woman article
    • Allison’s Pick: I have come back to this article more than once to hear Fabienne Harford point me to Christ in the midst of the struggles of singleness and desire. I really recommend it to start the conversation about the realities of single life.
  • Four Traits to Seek in a Spouse article
    • This is just a quick article, but it’s helpful for putting the important things at the forefront. A good way to start a conversation about what it looks like to centre Jesus in dating.
  • The Sacred Search by Gary Thomas
    • George’s Pick: An updated classic on how to think about marriage, and how it’s more about the why than the who.

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