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My Story Filming Tips

Here are some extremely helpful tips to help you film and post your My Story.


Choosing your Camera


Check out this helpful video from Vimeo on how to select the right camera for your project:

Video 101: Choosing a Camera from Vimeo Video School on Vimeo.

Cellphones usually will do the trick, but if you have a friend or someone in your group who has a camcorder, it might be worth it to see if you can borrow one.


Tips on Shooting Your Story


Although shooting a movie is not that hard, there are some helpful ideas that can improve the footage you shoot.

Check this Vimeo clip on shooting basics:

Video 101: Shooting Basics from Vimeo Video School on Vimeo.

Remember to have good lightening and not to center yourself in the shot (keep in mind the ⅓ rule – see video for details).


Editing Your Story


Before you upload your video to share with friends and family, be sure to edit your footage. The purpose of editing is to keep the story moving at a good pace and to keep it focused. Perfection or box-office quality is not the goal. Here is one more Vimeo video on how to edit your clip:

Video 101: Editing Basics from Vimeo Video School on Vimeo.

For more instruction on how to use iMovie to edit your movie, check out this link.
For more instruction on how to use Windows Live Movie Maker, check out this link.


Sharing Your Story


After you are satisfied with your video, it is now time to share it! There are several ways to do this and have been outlined in your workbook. Here are some technical instructions for each:

  1. Sending your video via email file attachement. Keep in mind that most email services restrict the size of file you can send. Gmail only allows 25MB or less.
  2. facebook_share_this_videoSharing your video on Facebook. Instructions on how to upload or record a video on Facebook. Share your video or link with selected people on Facebook, you can tag them in the caption or comment feature to notify them. *If you want to have more a one to one conversation it may be better to share your story to one friend at a time. To do this, you can modify facebook_custom_privacysharing that post by adjusting your privacy settings.
  3. Instructions on how to upload your video on Youtube or Vimeo. If you want to join the community of people uploading their story, tag your video “myCravings” and “My Story” and “p2cstudents”. Please note that you can adjust the privacy for your videos. If you want to just share the video to people you choose, choose the one where you can privately share the link instead of making your video public.

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