Power to Change seeks to choose resources that reflect our values. The following resources have been chosen by some of our staff as helpful resources for encouraging students in following Jesus. Please note that P2C does not endorse all material written or communicated on the external websites where some of these resources are found. Read more about how we choose resources here.

Introduction to Discipleship

  • Quick Overview of Discipleship
    • Trevor’s Pick: Read this short post to help describe what we mean when we talk about making disciples.
  • About P2C
    • Read over what we are striving for as a P2C community. What’s something that excites you and your disciple about this? What’s a step towards Jesus that you and your disciple want to take towards Jesus this semester? Do you have any questions about our P2C community?

What Do I Do in Discipleship?

    • In this four lesson guide developed by Power to Change – Students , we look at what Jesus’ pattern for discipleship was and why it’s still so effective today. We look at what good discipleship looks like, and how to focus on it in this season of life. Together, we can make disciples. If you’d like to get free hard copies of this resource, please e-mail
  • Roadmap for Discipleship
    • Jessica’s Pick: I like the roadmap for discipleship because it allows you to have an open conversation about the direction you both would like your discipleship to take.  It allows those whom you’re discipling to point out areas they would like to grow in!
  • The Ultimate Road Trip
    • A resource on discipleship written and published by P2C’s American counterpart.

Sharing Your Story

  • Telling Your Gospel Story
    • Allison’s pick: I love using this worksheet from Jeff Vanderstelt to think through and share my story. Its good questions and themes help me share more deeply, and to centre Jesus and his work rather than myself. I love starting a discipleship relationship by sharing our stories with one another, and this resource shows a great way of doing that!
  • Telling Your Story with Jesus as the Hero
    • This article uses the same ideas as the above worksheet, but elaborates a bit more on the why and how of sharing our stories well.

Discipleship Topics and Resources

Check out the other sections of resources for discipleship!

  • The Hope of the Gospel
    • This topic addresses questions like: what is the gospel? How do I apply it to my life? How do I have confidence in it and deal with my doubts?
  • Life in the Spirit
    • From who the Holy Spirit is and what He does in our lives to how we can partner with Him in his work.
  • Jesus at the Centre
    • Putting Jesus at the centre means doing so in every aspect of life – from our identity, to what we idolize, to how we understand gender and sexuality, to how we view singleness, dating, marriage, and more.
  • Life on Mission
    • Talk to your disciple about how God sees the world, what we mean when we say “evangelism,” and how to live on mission in their context with a good understanding of their non-Christian friends.
  • Spiritual Disciplines & Rhythms
    • Community, prayer, time with God and sabbath rest are some of the rhythms you may want to help your disciple develop.
  • Stewardship & Accountability
    • How does your disciple’s faith play out when it comes to time management, technology, finances, and struggles with pornography or views on sex?
  • Relationships
    • We’ve collected our top articles from our blog on relationships, ranging from friendship to family, conflict to romance. We hope this is a helpful resources guide for you and your disciples.
  • Biblical Literacy
    • Help your disciple understand how to read and understand the Bible in light of God’s big-picture story, and to trust the reliability of Scripture.
  • Diversity & Oneness in Christ
    • Our hope is that something here may facilitate growth in you and your community, as you humbly seek to love one another well and honour one another’s stories and experiences.
  • Additional Resources
    • Mental health, God’s will, boundaries, apologetics, and more.


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