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To Be Known E-Book

In a culture that values followers, likes, feeds and filters, where we are more and less connected than we’ve ever been, what does it mean to be truly known?

In those times when we both hide who we are, yet deeply yearn to be noticed, what does it mean to be truly seen?

We invite you into an experience of discovering what it means to know ourselves as we reflect on how God knows us. Throughout this book, you will encounter biblical reflections, opportunities to reflect and pray, a short story, cultural commentary, some art, and a poem. All of these pieces are meant to help guide you through seven days of thinking through the question: How am I known by God?

As you read through each piece of work and reflect on the questions, allow yourself to consider your own thoughts and feelings about how you are known by others, and how it compares to being intimately and fully known by God.

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