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Videos – How to lead the “Equipped” series


Episode 1: Getting Started as a Small Group Leader

  • What the participant needs (workbook)
    • How the books are formatted (4 lessons/book)
    • How to buy them (amazon.ca)
  • What the leader needs
    • The leader’s guide
  • Feedback for better content in the future
  • Where to find further resources (p2c.sh/smallgroups)


Episode 2: Overview of Equipped Materials

  • How long does it take to lead a study
  • Preparation
  • Components of a study
    • Main Take Aways
    • Getting Started
    • The Main Portion
    • Look In and Look Out
    • Add Ons
    • More to Grow On
  • Prayer
  • Where to find more resources (p2c.sh/smallgroups)


Episode 3: Small Group Desired Outcomes

  • Managing expectations
  • Building holistic understanding with both head and heart knowledge
  • Application


Episode 4: FAQ

  • Why are these studies in a workbook format?
  • Why have you chosen to study the Bible the way you do?
  • Who is the target audience of these resources?
  • Pacing and timing of the study?
  • Is it better to write your own bible study?

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