Looking to understand more about how to experience the freedom of being rooted in the gospel? We’ve got more great resources that dig deeper into the main takeaway of each lesson.

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Am I Too Broken? If you have ever had this thought, you are not alone. In this blog post, Jess talks about how she has come to learn that we are never too broken for God. We have hope in knowing that God works in our weaknesses, that he loves us in spite of our brokenness, and that he uses us to bring glory to himself. As God helps us through our brokenness, we become better equipped to help others through the same experiences.

Others of us might fall into the trap of believing that we have already reached a point of spiritual maturity that those around us are still striving for. Yet, as Carey Nieuwhof writes, this behaviour is actually indicative of a lack of spiritual maturity. Spiritual growth is a never-ending process, and if we think that we no longer need to grow, this is a sign that we actually have a lot of growing to do still. 5 Signs of Spiritual Maturity…That Actually Show You Lack It reveals the problem with believing we have a deeper faith than others.


Often, our sinful, human hearts desire something different for our lives than what God has planned, and we struggle to give in to God’s way. In The Subtle Dangers of a Comfortable Life, Tim explains how sleepless nights with his baby boy taught him to see the trials in his life as a reminder to put God first. When he seeks comfort before God, he realizes that hardship can test his priorities and teach him to surrender to God instead of trying to go it on his own.

Living Each Moment with a Sense of God’s Presence is a series of letters written by Frank Laubach in which he describes the spiritual exercise of trying to surrender every moment and aspect of his life to God. While it may seem a bit extreme, and certainly not easy, it demonstrates the mentality of true and complete surrender that we, as Christians, seek in living our lives for God.


When we serve other things instead of God, we miss out on abundant life. That’s the lesson that Erin learned when she almost lost her phone. My iPhone is Greater Than My Life reminds us that we have a tendency to seek our greatest needs and desires from the things of this world, instead of the gospel, which only leaves us feeling empty and unfulfilled.

What is God Doing in My Heart? That’s the question that Eric asks in this recorded workshop from P2C PLUS 2017. When we receive so many different sources of input, it can be difficult to determine where God’s voice is in all of that noise. Learn how to understand what the Holy Spirit is doing in your heart and your life. Eric also encourages us to remember that God loves us and meets us where we’re at, in order to help us grow and follow him.


Use Soul Shepherding’s self-assessment tools to better understand yourself and your relationships. Emotional inventories, surveys, and personality tests are all available for you to access free of charge. Whether you’re looking to learn more about yourself or someone else, these tools can give you a good platform from which you can work on your relationships.

Drawing the Line and Picking Good People are two short resources from Cru in which Dr. Henry Cloud gives advice on having healthy relationships. In the first, he talks about the importance of having boundaries in relationships so that we can be satisfied in ourselves rather than being dependent on or dominated by the other person. In the second, he provides four tips to help you be the right person and choose the right people for building healthy relationships.


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