Shift Enter. Stepping confidently into post-secondary.
Shift Enter. Stepping confidently into post-secondary.

The Fellowship, Power to Change- Students, and Tyndale University have collaborated on a pilot episode of a video series, called SHIFT >> ENTER, designed to engage and prepare grade 12 (soon-to-graduate) high school students for their next chapter. We are now engaging in a feedback process, which includes hosting online focus groups for students and those who work with students. Would you give us your feedback?

Click the feedback button below that best fits your preference and we’ll send you the link to watch it. 

You can give us general feedback after viewing the pilot, or participate in a focus group to provide more detailed feedback.

If you are a student, we would really value your feedback through participating in a focus group.

Please direct any questions about the feedback process to Eric Humphrey. Questions about this project can be directed to Ben Porter.

I would like to sign up for an online focus group.

I am unable to participate in a focus group, but would like to view the pilot and fill out an online survey.

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