Like it or not, top 10 lists are now a way of life. Instead of fighting against the tide of ever-changing internet culture, I’ve decided to swim downstream and use the top 10 format to share some info about P2C PLUS 2018. To be honest, it was hard to fit everything awesome about this year’s conference into just 10 points, so I cheated a little and added an eleventh.  So let’s just consider this a Top 10+1 list and carry on like nothing weird happened. 

Top 10 reasons to come to P2C PLUS this year

  1. New theme, city, speakers!  

This year, our theme is New and we will be exploring what it means to be New in Christ.  We are headed to a new location downtown Toronto and have a whole host of new speakers. Students from coast to coast will be joining us from more than 50 colleges and universities.  High School students are also welcome to come and will love this conference just as much! In fact, if you’re a high school student entering into University soon, this is a great place to meet and get connected with other Christians at your future school!

  1. Exciting moments

You never know what will happen at P2C PLUS. You might meet your best friend. You might have a life changing encounter with God. You might eat new food you’ve never tried before. You might decide to go on a mission trip! Every year, students experience moments that have impacted them significantly. We’ve designed our conference to organically allow for as many of these moments to happen as possible! Trust God to something big in your life at this conference, and you might just get what you ask for.

  1. Workshops by the dozens

There, are dozens. Dozens! Choose from over 100 workshops on different topics intended to help you go deeper and integrate life as a new creation.  We have more workshops for you to choose from than any other conference in the country (I think)! If you have a severe case of FOMO, I can relate. Ask a friend to help counsel you through this time, as there will be several different options to choose from at any given workshop time. Don’t worry, you won’t be able to attend everything and that’s ok. You’re not alone. 

  1. Citizens concert  

On December 29th, Citizens (formerly known as Citizens and Saints) will perform live in concert, with Caves opening up the show.  If a concert isn’t your thing, take one of a few workshops offered at that time. You can listen to a playlist full of popular tracks by Citizens on their bio page.

  1. Refreshing teaching  

Our main sessions, workshops, teaching, and other breakout times during the conference are designed to point you towards Jesus as we contemplate what it means to be a new creation in Christ. The old has gone, the new is here! (2 Corinthians 5:17). Whether you learn best during lectures, interactive workshops, experientially, or even just through chatting with friends, our conference has opportunities for everybody to learn biblical truths in a style that suits them best.

  1. Energizing worship

We are glad to be guided into worship by C4 Worship during main sessions, along with another band soon to be announced!. Each night,  we will also have Worship After Dark, our late night worship session. There will be no shortage of opportunities to participate in worshipping God alongside more than a thousand students from across the country.

  1. Annual NYE Party  

Every year P2C hosts an epic NYE costume party. This year we are trying something NEW as well (notice a theme?).  There won’t be a costume theme, but there will still be several awesome ways for you to choose to celebrate NYE depending on your preference. There will be a worship night that will bring us into New Year, as well as a board game room, laser tag, and a room for quieter conversation (We may call it the Introvert Yurt if we can get a hold of a yurt).  If you happen to be disappointed that there is no costume party this year, have no fear! You can still show up in one. No one will stop you.

Photo by: Gabe Ting
  1. Toronto is awesome  

All this happens in downtown Toronto – and Toronto is awesome.  If you aren’t from Toronto, come and discover Toronto. It’s awesome.  If you are from Toronto, show some out-of-towners how awesome it is. Eating street meat, skating at Nathan Phillips Square, taking Instagram photos at the TORONTO sign, and choosing from like a billion restaurants  to eat from (slight exaggeration) are just a few of the things you’ll have opportunities to explore right next to where we’ll be staying.

  1. Inspiring speakers

This year we are excited to have an amazing lineup of speakers from a variety of backgrounds, all helping point you to Jesus and what it looks like to be a new creation. From the the first night featuring Canadian author Jen Pollock Michel and Rev. Sunder Krishnan to the last main session featuring Allison Alley, the CEO of Compassion and Sean Cullen, the National Director of P2C-Students and all the speakers in between, come learn and be inspired by our diverse lineup. One of our speakers this year has recently made TIME’s top 100 most influential people of 2018 list, and will be giving an exclusive talk to our conference attendees through the power of technology!     

  1. Opportunities aplenty

P2C PLUS will have over 30 sponsors and organizations in attendence that will provide tons of different opportunities for you to consider.  Christian higher educational institutions, mission agencies, camps, artists, and a variety of different organizations will be there to help inform and inspire you through different opportunities to shape the world as a new creation.

BONUS +1: It’s New! If you didn’t catch it, this list is an acrostic. That’s actually the real reason I cheated and made it a top 10+1 list instead of just a top 10 list. It says “NEW CREATION,” because the conference will examine what it looks like to be a new creation in Christ.  We will focus on 2 Corinthians 5, and explore what it looks like to let go of things that hold us back, to take hold of that which is new, and to look at new frontiers in ministry with new mindsets.  We will ring in the new year with an epic worship night and dance party! We are going to prayerfully consider our own place in the world and what it means to share the message of new life in Christ to others. Come and join us at P2C PLUS 2018! It will be the newest thing you’ll ever do. Until you do something newer.

To learn more about the conference, head over to our website: P2C PLUS Toronto 2018


Patrick Erskine is the Editor-in-chief for Power to Change – Students. Originally from Toronto where he graduated from the Ryerson School of Journalism, he now lives and works in Guelph, Ontario with his wife and annoying dog. Patrick has a passion for hearing and telling stories that reflect the beauty of the gospel in a broken world. Patrick is often mistaken for a hobbit, and longs to one day return to the Shire.


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