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P2C PLUS is a four-day conference for grade 12 and postsecondary students designed to help them discover Jesus and be equipped for a lifetime of ministry. But you might know that already – if you’re a student involved in P2C, you probably can’t make it across campus without your leaders telling you to attend the conference. I get it… and I’m here to reinforce everything they have already said.

The theme of this year’s conference is SEEN. Through the gospel of John, we’ll learn about how we are seen by God, how we can see more of him, and how to let others see him in us. As we do that, we’ll also pray, party, worship, and have fun.

Here are ten things happening at this year’s conference that you don’t want to miss:

1. A time to reflect on how Jesus changes everything.

The conference is built on the idea that Jesus changes everything. The workshops, main sessions, and social gatherings throughout the conference are designed to help you apply this reality to every aspect of your life.

2. The chance to network and build friendships with likeminded people.

Last year, students came to the conference from over 55 campuses in Canada; this year, we’re expecting students from even more campuses! Come connect with more than 150 P2C staff, hundreds of students, and the missionaries, pastors, and speakers participating in the conference.

3. The main session speaker lineup.

Twice-a-day main sessions are meant to motivate and equip you, and this year’s main session speakers will be serving up lots of inspiring gospel-centred wisdom. We’ll be hearing from speakers like:
– Daniel Im, who serves as a church planter and researcher with Lifeway.
– Jaquelle Crowe, published teen author and general editor of
– Neil and Sharol Josephson, directors of FamilyLife Canada.
– Tim Gonsalves, national director of Alpha for Youth.
– Molly Thomas, journalist and reporter.
– Sunder Krishnan, retired pastor of Rexdale Alliance Church.
– Andy Steiger, director of Apologetics Canada.
– Matt Naismith, pastor of Guelph’s Church of the City.

And that’s just a handful of the speakers! You’re bound to emerge from the conference having learned something new.

4. Over 90 workshops to choose from.

This year’s workshops (including four French ones) will fall into overlapping categories: Humble Apologetics, Character, Ministry Effectiveness, Faith and Vocation, Global Missions, Leadership, Emotional + Relational Health, Spiritual Formation, and Culture and Christianity. Attending 5 workshops under the P2C Campus Essentials category will earn you a free book: No Silver Bullets by Daniel Im, one of the main session speakers.

5. The New Year’s Eve party.

Though the theme of this year’s New Year’s Eve party hasn’t been announced yet, it promises to be the biggest and most #lit NYE party P2C Plus has seen so far! #gethype #party #stopwiththehashtags

Photo by Deb Wong

6. The chance to interact with missions organizations.

This year, there will be upwards of 20 mission organizations teaching workshops and providing ways to serve God on mission. It’s the perfect opportunity if you’re interested in going into full-time ministry. Plus, there will be lunch meetings about how to get involved with P2C Global Missions, and designated times for outreach!

7. An opportunity to consider how faith and career integrate.

You may be thinking ahead to when you graduate. How will your faith affect your vocation? There will be a number of workshops and conference partners providing practical advice and connections for you as you begin your career, offering insights about integrating faith and work.

8. Prayer opportunities.

There will be times set aside for prayer and areas where you can go to pray throughout the conference if you’d like to. Practical workshops at 4pm each afternoon will help you grow in connecting to God in prayer. Also, there will be a prayer team available during the conference to pray with you if needed.

9. The Special event concert by Kings Kaleidoscope & performances by hip-hop artists Orijin, Jon Corbin, and Mark Durksen.

When I found out Kings Kaleidoscope was going to be at P2C Plus this year, I screamed and texted all my friends. Not even kidding. My mom came in my room and was weirded out by how excited I was. All that to say: this concert is going to be THE BOMB, and you should be there.

Orijin, Jon Corbin, and Mark Durksen – hip-hop artists under the Toronto-based label LSTNFND – will also be performing.

10. The musical worship with C4 and House of Worship Montreal.

Aside from the special performances, we’ll also get to worship at the beginning of each main session with either House of Worship Montreal or C4. This conference is guaranteed to be musically excellent and abundant in worship.

There’s just so much to look forward to! Register today to get the best deal (as the price keeps increasing closer to the event). You can come for a whole day, an evening, or the whole conference. Check out the conference website for more info.


Julia is a third-year student at the University of Toronto. She studies English Literature and Book & Media studies, which means she likes reading, writing, and nerd stuff. She is passionate about the intersection of creative arts and culture with the gospel, and she is excited to be a summer intern with the Power to Change – Students Creative Communications office. She can often be found running, writing, or trying not to fall off her skateboard.

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