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Topic: @P2C

 3 minutes
Overheard at P2C PLUS 2018
Patrick Erskine
 1 minute
RELEVANT Series Recap
Patrick Erskine
 5 minutes
Seeing Summit from the outside
Erin Pebesma
 4 minutes
Students are the mission
Sean Cullen
 8 minutes
Seeing God’s faithfulness through the hard moments in ministry
Patrick Erskine
 3 minutes
Honour, dignity, and the opposite sex
Jess Versteeg
 3 minutes
How will you define yourself this year?
Joe Steckley
 4 minutes
How I discovered my true identity
Alex R
 7 minutes
Should I stay or should I go?
Samuel Yeung
 4 minutes
Are actors just attention addicts?
Shane Rochon
 4 minutes
Breaking the (faith) barrier at Christian conferences
Erin Ford
 7 minutes
Zombie mania: What is a person? Does it matter?
Corey Sleep
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