Heading to your first year of University or College?

Transitioning to post-secondary is arguably the most important transition of life. Filled with excitement, joy, fear and sobering expectations, the next few years of your life will be the most disproportionately important ones of your life. Are you ready?!

We’re ready to help you transition. 

We love you and long for your time at college or university to be a full, rich experience filled with community, growth, vision and a life fully surrendered to God.

We’ve got groups on over 60 university and college campuses, coast to coast, from the University of Victoria in BC to Memorial University in Newfoundland with +2300 students involved.

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Join us Saturday, June 3, 2017 at TRANSITION 101

Transition 101 is a one-day collaborative event for high school grads on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at Wycliffe College in Toronto, hosted by Inter-Varsity Christian FellowshipPower to ChangeAmbassadors for Christ, Navigators, and the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec.

We believe it is vital to connect graduating high school students going to college or university with a local faith community, both on campus and in a church. The purpose of Transition 101 is to facilitate those connections, not for any particular group, but one part of the body of Christ looking to bridge students into their new chapter.

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Student Experiences

Hear what some current university students have to say about being involved in a Christian community on their college or university campus!

“I didn’t know at the time that there would be such life change. At first I was just looking for Christian community but it became so much more with the emphasis on evangelism and discipleship.”

– Rachel, York University, 3rd year

“Especially being away from home, a campus ministry is able to provide you with a community that is encouraging, challenges you and keeps you accountable. During your university years it allows you to grow with brothers and sisters. I suggest not only getting involved in campus ministry but also getting involved in a local church and serving with them as well.”

– Lois, McMaster University, 2nd year



“One thing I really appreciated is just meeting people there. The guys in my Discipleship Group are fellow first years, and are also new to school. Finding other Christian guys on campus, in a place that was very different from my Christian high school, was really helpful.”

– Ashar, University of Waterloo, 1st year


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