Coming to Jesus, especially in Western culture, is a process. It takes much consideration, evaluation, and reflection. But little by little, the Holy Spirit does his work. Here are a few stories of the long-fought journey and the friendships that helped along the way. 


I do not deserve this love

For several years, our students have been organizing a potluck every Saturday night in one of the University of Laval residence kitchens. The recipe is simple: bring a meal (or come cook one with us), bring a friend, and have fun!

By the end of last year, five non-Christian students who attended the potluck started studying the the Bible with us. Fayme was one of these students.

A very social person, Fayme quickly became friends with many of our students. Someone invited her to church, and she started going regularly. It seemed like we would hear encouraging news about her almost weekly.


Digging deeper and asking again

This September, Rachelle, one of our students, and Marilyn, one of our staff, invited Fayme to do a series of Bible studies called CONNECT that explores the basics of the Christian faith. Fayme eagerly agreed.

After several weeks of these studies, Fayme shared, “I don’t feel like I deserve this love because of the things I have done.”

The following week’s study, the last in the series, contained a clear call to trust and follow Jesus. Marilyne and Rachelle had high hopes for their meeting, but Fayme was very distracted by an exam she was worried about. Consequently it didn’t seem like the main idea was sinking in.

When the three met again the following week, Rachelle and Marilyne decided to review the gospel with her. This time, Fayme was following clearly. They came to a suggested prayer; Fayme agreed with every line of the prayer!

Please pray for Fayme. Give thanks that she is already in a church and surrounded by Christians, and pray that she grows quickly in her new faith.


Passing the baton from Québec City to Montréal

two friends quebecThe multiplication of faith in Québec continues. Suzy and Paige were instruments in Yanyu’s life even though they did not know each other. But the story starts a little further back.

In 2013, sixteen students from Québec City attended our annual fall retreat, Convergence. On the first night, one of these students, Suzy, was struck by the speaker’s declaration: “There is a reason God has brought you here this weekend.”

In Suzy’s case, this was certainly true. Over the next two days Christ touched her heart deeply and on Sunday morning, she committed her life to Jesus and began a brand new relationship with him.

Since that awesome day Suzy has been growing in her love for Jesus. She shares Jesus Christ naturally with her classmates and co-workers as she studies and does teaching placements across the country, from Alberta to Newfoundland.


Investing the love of Jesus into another’s life

Last winter she met Yanyu at Laval University, and spoke to her about Jesus. Yanyu was interested and the two of them spent some time studying the Bible together. Unfortunately their time together was short and Yanyu left Québec City to study at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).

But God wasn’t done with her!

Arriving in Montréal, Yanyu soon met Paige, a student involved with P2C-Étudiants at UQAM. Paige quickly realized that Yanyu was curious about Christianity, and the two of them picked up where Suzy and Yanyu had left off.

At our retreat this September, we were surprised and overjoyed to hear Paige share how Yanyu had become a Christian during the summer!


by Brad Stewart

Brad Stewart dirige l’équipe de Pouvoir de Changer – Étudiants à Québec avec sa femme Cassandra. Il a fait ses études à l’Université de Waterloo en Ontario. Brad oeuvre auprès des étudiants au Québec depuis bientôt huit ans et l’Ordre missionnaire est l’une de ses plus grandes passions. Ayant déjà participé aux voyages missionnaires Rosée du désert, Montréal et Québec avec P2C ainsi qu’au voyage en Haïti avec GAiN, Brad recommande à tous l’expérience de partir en mission!




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