Dear readers,

If you’re reading this, you are an answer to prayer. To my prayers, and to the prayers of our diverse, collaborative, and growing editorial team with Power to Change-Students.

We know our readership is quite large. You may be a university/college student, a parent, a donor, a friend, someone who doesn’t follow Jesus, or someone who has landed here from a Google search (we get lots of those). I hope you feel welcome here on our blog, in our little corner of the internet.

As our ministry continues to grow and change, I thought it would be helpful to share the purpose and heart behind why we write.

Over the past several years, along with our ministry, our content has changed quite a bit. For some, this has been an exciting and joy-filled thing. For others, it’s been stressful and sometimes confusing. And probably for most of you, you have no idea what I’m talking about and that’s okay. Simply because you are new to us. And that is awesome. Don’t worry, I promise this letter still applies to you.

We write because we want people to know, discover, and grow more in love with the person of Jesus Christ. We seek to tell others about him. As we do that, we share personal stories and experiences, and relate gospel themes to real life. Because Jesus is relevant to all of life.

Our world and life is full of nuance and complexity. It’s a hard calling and task to seek to relate the unchanging message of Jesus to a changing and complex world.

We want to press into the nuance and complexity of life because that’s often where we find ourselves. It can be hard to find meaning and apply our faith to issues like mental health, racism, sexuality, relationships, vocation, school, ministry, and knowing God deeper. But it’s in these places where Jesus can (and does) meet us.

Jesus actually lived on earth as a human. He was born to an unwed teenage mother. He was displaced, a refugee, and part of the working class. Rejected by friends and family, he was a friend to sinners. He touched the diseased and sick, and bestowed honour to the marginalized.

He also raised people from the dead, cast out demons, called out power-hungry leaders, died a brutal death on a cross for crimes of which he was innocent, and rose from the dead three days later to defeat sin and death forever. He is the suffering servant, the victorious leader, and the reigning King.

Jesus lived in a complex and nuanced world, yet he spoke the truth of God to a culture and people that desperately needed saving from themselves. Even in the 21st century, we also need the person, truth, and presence of Jesus in our everyday lives.

As we write, we also aim to platform diverse voices and perspectives. This applies to our editorial team, our writing mentorship program, and our growing group of contributing writers. We value diversity because God created us in his image in diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives. One day in heaven, at the end of all things, every nation, tribe, and people will be praising and worshipping God in all languages (Revelation 7:9). Culture and diversity matter to God; he has no desire to wipe out cultural differences.

And yet for those who place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ, we are all unified and one under Christ. We hold the same intrinsic value, mission, and purpose in life and humanity: to worship and bring glory to God and help others do the same.

There is a natural tension here: we are one in Christ and yet diverse and different in perspective. This tension lives on our blog and in our content.

Each article published on our website first and foremost reflects the thoughts, experiences, and ideas of the author. Just like when we study the Bible, authorial intent matters. While we publish this content, we know that other perspectives and thoughts co-exist side by side. We are open to publishing multiple ideas on one topic, even if they differ. Ultimately, each piece needs to be grounded in the Bible, highlight personal experience, and relate back to gospel themes.

So if you read something that you may not fully jive with, that’s okay. That’s not a risk we want to fear or shy away from. Consider writing a piece for review from your perspective, relating it to gospel themes and submit it here. We would be happy to consider it and work through the editing process together.

As a culture, we struggle with living in complex ideas and issues. It’s so tempting to pursue the comfort of overly simplistic ideas and concepts while disregarding critical thinking and wrestling with process and unresolved tensions.

As a blog we want to press into that space. In the complex and nuanced world we live in, we invite you to think deeper, study the Bible, know Jesus more fully, compassionately and empathetically engage with others’ stories, be a learner, and listen well.

Will you join us in that journey?

It won’t always feel easy, and we’re committed to building trust with you, our reader. In the process, try to remember:

We write because we want people to know, discover, and grow more in love with the person of Jesus Christ. We seek to tell others about him. As we do that, we share personal stories and experiences, and relate gospel themes to real life. Because Jesus is relevant to all of life.


Erin Ford | Editorial Manager with Power to Change-Students

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