Power to Change really challenged me to grow up and to direct my faith to grow outwardly. It equipped me to share the gospel with others.

– Lois, McMaster University, 2nd year



“It’s necessary to be part of a Christian community in order to grow in your faith. First and foremost you need to be plugged into a church. Secondary to that is a Christian group on campus, to have people who are similar age, walk, and experience to journey with you. I feel like that’s really beneficial.”

– Adrian, Wilfrid Laurier University, 4th year


“What I have enjoyed most about Power to Change is how accepting everybody was and how eager they were to accept me with open arms even without me knowing anyone before. The constant encouragement and constant accountability that my sisters gave me, being able to open up to each other, to build each other up in our faith, is something I really take home and to heart.”

– Tori, Ryerson University, 1st year


“It was helpful to know the mission and focus of P2C before going in. There are so many different ministries on campus, so knowing about that ahead of time helped me commit earlier to one fellowship.”

– Florence, McMaster University, 1st year



“I actively wanted to be involved in a Christian community. I didn’t want to spend my university career set apart from that. The vision of P2C was something that spoke to me: wanting to be able to help students discover Jesus and even ultimately being an asset and resource to students, throughout 4 or more years of university.”

– Dakota, St. Mary’s University, 3rd year