“Getting involved with P2C has connected me with God, purpose, and Christ-centered genuine friendships which is why I would encourage high school students to get involved with P2C. You’ll find people who genuinely care for you, a chance to encounter a next level relationship with Christ and an opportunity to learn the purpose God has for your life.”
– Grace Olenja, York, 1st Year, Sociology

“Power to Change has given me some of my greatest, most personal friendships, and has also challenged me to grow in my faith and share it with others. I’ve joined a community that accepts me for me, but most importantly is doing their best to follow hard after God.”
– Ryle Cameron, McMaster University, 1st year History

“This year with P2C has been a life changing one. I’ve grown a lot in my faith in the short time that I’ve been involved with P2C. My time with P2C has helped me become more confident in my faith and to help spread God’s love on campus and in the world.”
– Joel, University of Manitoba, 1st year Actuarial Mathematics

“I was nervous about making new friends and finding the right crowd. Power to Change provided me with a community that not only encouraged me to grow in my faith, but exposed me to a diverse family of Christ which are some of my closest friends today.”
– Es Arroz, U of T, 4th year, Honours BA in French Learning Language & East Asian Studies