Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to learn more about internship opportunities with Power to Change – Students. We’re so glad you’re here. 

Below, you’ll find lots of information about our internship opportunities. We recommend internships if you’re a new grad or hoping to try ministry for a year or two. It’s also a great option if you want to get “on the ground” quickly, as internships require less fundraising.

If you’d like to learn about permanent roles with P2C-Students, or about opportunities within other Power to Change ministries, we have another page just for you.

Why intern with P2C-Students?

Because you will impact students with the hope of Jesus. And you’ll be impacted with his hope too.

Because you will explore your future. An internship gives you time to figure out what’s next after graduation. Come see if working in a Christian ministry—in Canada or abroad—is a good fit for you. Even if you already know that you’re heading towards another career, consider first investing a year or two into the next generation of students.

Because you will develop, learn, and grow. Build your resume with time management, teamwork, people skills, administration, and project management experience. Grow in your faith, character, and ability to cross cultures. Learn alongside other Christian ministry workers. And have a ton of fun along the way!

Because you can have a significant eternal impact. Experience a sense of purpose in your work as you create opportunities for lives to be transformed, not just now, but for eternity.

“Internships can be an environment where Christians can explore how their passions, skills and learning can be used to advance the kingdom of God within a like-minded community.

Whether it is creating content, creating effective digital systems, meeting up a with a student for discipleship, or journeying with a student figuring out who Jesus Christ is, we invite people to consider doing a year with us to discover whether or not working with Power to Change is a good fit with how God has created them to live out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.”

Josh – Strategy and Operations Director

Job opportunities with P2C-S

If you love Jesus and want to help students get to know him better, there’s a place for you here. Within P2C – Students, we have various teams working hard to meet students where they are, from Halifax to Vancouver, Vietnam to Desert Rain, Windsor to Edmonton—and beyond!

And we have teams to meet you where you are too. You can be an introvert or extrovert. You could stay in your city or move to a new country. You might love the idea of being on campus, or you might think an office or work-from-home environment is more your style. Maybe you want to apply the skills you learned in school, or maybe you want to try something new.

Explore all our internship opportunities to find the right one for you.

As an intern on campus, you will have the opportunity to work directly with students. You’ll invest the better part of your day in their lives: helping them transition to university, connect to Christian community, and take their next steps towards Jesus. 

Practically, this might include prayer meetings, Bible studies, retreats, and student leader meetings, among other activities. Every campus looks a little different. As a campus intern, you’ll be serving locally alongside other colleagues so you’ll experience a dynamic team environment that creatively finds ways to engage students with the gospel.

In this role, your focus will be on casting vision and equipping students to lead well and with a Jesus-centred posture. Catalytic campus ministries have a high degree of student ownership over day-to-day ministry activities, so staff and interns often offer support from a distance or to multiple campuses.

Your work environment might be flexible: you could be right on campus, or you might spend most of your time serving students remotely. Regardless of your location, you’ll be part of the catalytic staff team, receiving support as you build up young leaders. You’ll thrive in this role if you’re confident working independently and have prior student leadership experience with P2C-S, or are otherwise familiar with campus ministry.

Bridges staff work on campuses in Canada with students from countries all over the world. You’ll have a unique opportunity to share God’s love and gospel with the multitude of nations at your doorstep. 

Many of these students come from unreached people groups and from nations where Christian ministry is difficult. As you build relationships and share the gospel, you are not only investing in individual lives, but also the communities to which these students will return. 

International student ministry is very relational. You will spend time with students: eating meals, playing sports, and hosting events. You will find ways to meet their practical, social, and spiritual needs. Our team from across Canada meets regularly online, so you will be supported, encouraged, coached, and trained for cross-cultural ministry.

As an international intern, you will be placed on a team with one of our overseas partnerships. You’ll come alongside long-term missionaries and local believers to help university students engage in the life-changing message of the gospel. Many of the students you’ll engage with have never personally met a Christian, and you’ll likely interact with individuals from unreached people groups.

This experience includes cross-cultural and contextualized ministry training prior to departure and throughout the year. International interns participate in language classes and seek to build friendships and integrate into the local campus community. They also share housing with other interns or long-term missionaries as they build deep connections and support one another.

Our Creative Communications department creates opportunities to reach students in a unique way. 

If you intern with Creative Communications, you’ll join a team working on things like social media, graphic design, video production, podcasts, blogs, and data storytelling. You’ll learn technical skills, as well as innovation as you engage effectively with students online. 

This job is often a mix of collaborative and independent work. You’ll connect with other content creators to explore the best ways to engage with students online, while also having freedom to work on related projects independently. This team is fully remote, but there is an optional physical office in Guelph, ON.

Apply your skills in programming, statistical analysis, and problem solving in a ministry team context. You’ll provide vital support to other ministries within P2C-Students, including Global Missions, Creative Communications, Campus Strategies, and Staff Development.

Strategies and Operations is more behind-the-scenes, but P2C-Students needs this team. If you have technical skills and long to use them in a ministry context, this is the role for you. This team works remotely, but there is an optional physical office in Guelph, ON.

Absolutely! You can try out different passions and interests while working with us. Let us know in the application if there is a combination of roles that interest you, and we can see how to incorporate them.

Internship applications

Think you’re ready to apply?

“One of the biggest blessings [of my internship] is getting to split my time between teams (campus and Creative Communications). It’s so dynamic. I get to see both the background design work and how it’s applied on campus.”

Sabrina – Campus and Creative Communications intern

“A global internship is a unique opportunity to experience serving God cross-culturally. You’ll be in community as you serve on a team with other interns. Serving cross-culturally is stretching and challenging but also very rewarding, as you experience God at work in another culture and join what he is doing a different part of the world.”

Charlotte – Global Missions Director

If you have any questions about interning, reach out to internships@p2c.com.

Ministry Partner Development

As an intern with P2C-Students you will raise financial support for your salary and ministry expenses through the process of Ministry Partner Development (MPD). It’s an opportunity to trust God and invite Christians in your community to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of students. 

Fundraising may sound intimidating, but don’t worry—we’ll help! You’ll receive training, a coach, and a peer support group who will encourage you as you trust God to provide. You won’t be doing it alone.

Along with financial partners, you will raise up a team of prayer partners to come alongside you during your ministry year. Many staff have expressed gratitude for the MPD process because it means they have a whole team of people encouraging and praying for them, which is vital to their ministry.

To learn more about the support raising process, check out these great articles from our friends at The Traveling Team.

“When I first started my internship, I was pretty nervous about raising support – I had never done anything like that before. I was so surprised and encouraged by the training I received, and I felt supported by my peers and MPD coach through the whole process. I went from feeling lost to feeling equipped – and I feel confident that I’d be able to raise support again in the future.”

Kathleen – Catalytic and Creative Communications intern

Internship year path

This chart previews what a year-long internship with P2C-S can look like.

Mar 1Application deadline
Interview and acceptance
Early MayNew Staff Training
May –
Ministry Partner Development
August P2C-S orientation, training intensive, start role
Sept –
Serve in role, weekly training groups
DecP2C-S training intensive, mid-year retreat
Jan –
Serve in role, weekly training groups
April Year-end debrief
Optional: Mission trip, Year 2 internship, or join full-time staff
*Note: Global internships (STINT) are longer, serving in-country from mid-August to the end of June.

Supporting and training our new staff is very important to us. An intensive training kickstarts Ministry Partner Development, and ongoing training will help you thrive in your role. A retreat in December and a debrief in April allow for in-depth celebrating, reflecting, and learning. You’ll be with an intern cohort throughout, journeying together through challenges and joys.

“After graduation, I took a year off before deciding to intern. In that gap year, I was working at a grocery story. There they just cared that I did my job. Working for P2C, they care about me holistically. They want me to do my job well, but they also care about me as a person. I can be honest and authentic, I can ask questions and ask for help, because we’re a team.” 

Dave – Campus staff

Internship FAQ

An internship with P2C-Students will still be a great start to your career. You’ll develop skills such as team building, project management, initiative-taking, collaboration, organization, and administration. Your role may also build technical skills like videography, marketing, graphic design, writing, and even software development.

Furthermore, your own faith, leadership, and character will grow. And developing yourself as a person is valuable no matter where you go next in life.

No. That’s the beauty of doing an internship. You can try working for P2C-S for one year, maybe two, to see if it’s a good fit. God calls some interns to join P2C-S longer term, while others discern that he is leading them elsewhere. Either is okay and we will bless you in your next steps as you follow the Spirit’s leading.

First, you’ll fill out an application, like this one. Then an initial interview allows us to get to know you and your heart behind applying. It will also help you to continue discerning if an internship is right for you. 

The next step is a more formal job interview, with the goal of understanding what God is calling you to do in this next season based on your previous experience and existing skills. Each stage in this process helps to confirm your decision to do an internship with P2C-S.

Learn more about the application process here.

You’ll receive a week of training as you prepare to start raising support (including learning the biblical basis for MPD and how to fundraise well). There are two more training intensives (in August and December) on a variety of topics to help you do your job well. And throughout the year you’ll receive ongoing training. In a first year internship you’ll receive training in understanding how your life fits into God’s mission of renewal and restoration, partnering with the Spirit, and different models of sharing the gospel. Second internship topics include leadership, biblical understanding, discipleship, and prayer. 

The best part about the training is that it’s meant to not only help you in your internship with P2C-S, but also with the rest of your life. You’ll grow as an individual and as a follower of Jesus.

For each internship year, you’ll need to raise financial support to cover your salary, benefits, and all ministry expenses. For an internship in Canada, you’ll need to raise roughly $35,000 – $45,000. The amount for global internships (STINT) is higher as these are longer and include additional travel-related expenses.

Note that Power to Change offers a salary range based on several factors; you choose how much you are paid within minimum and maximum amounts. A higher salary results in a larger fundraising goal. Everyone’s financial situation is unique, so our Internship Coordinator will work with you to select the right salary to meet your needs.

First off, know that you aren’t a failure if that does end up happening. You have a part to play in this. Practically this might mean shortening the length of your internship (e.g. from two semesters to one), continuing to raise support part-time while also working in your role, or not interning at all. It can feel really disappointing to not reach a fundraising goal. But it will not make you a failure. Success is trusting God’s provision, even if it comes in unexpected ways.

Being in debt does not automatically disqualify you from serving as an intern. We will assess each candidate’s situation on a case-by-case basis. Part of the application process is to gather more information (individual loan amounts, interest rates, monthly payments, etc.). 

It is our desire to help you look at your current reality, as well as the near and distant future in order to help you be the best steward of your finances. We want you to consider the potential personal costs associated with high debt, which include greater stress and anxiety, plus a decreased ability to save, give generously, and take advantage of opportunities

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here? Visit our larger FAQ section.

Is God calling me to intern?

Discerning what’s next can be challenging. We want it written in the sky, but that’s rarely how God decides to speak to us.

Have a discernment conversation with us. Set up a personal, no-pressure conversation with our P2C-S intern coordinator to get more info, ask your questions, process aloud, and receive prayer. It would be an honour to help you process your next steps, wherever they may be.

Meet with Angela, our New Staff and Intern Coordinator:


Resources on Making Decisions

We asked P2C-S staff to recommend resources that helped them make decisions. Hopefully these are helpful to you in making various life decisions.


  • Restless by Jennie Allen 
  • The Way of Discernment by Elizabeth Liebert
  • The Will of God as a Way of Life by Jerry Sittser 
  • Courage and Calling by Gordan Smith
  • Chasing Daylight by Eugene O’Kelly
  • The Defining Decade by Meg Jay


  • The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman 

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