Things Christians Should Talk About

About the show
“Undiscussed: Things Christians Should Talk About” is a podcast where we discuss the undiscussed. Christians sometimes have a reputation for remaining silent on certain issues and, in some cases, that silence has hurt people who personally struggle with those issues. Our hope is to begin conversations that can constructively bring us closer to a future in which people aren’t afraid to speak openly among Christians about the issues they face.

Show Summary
The goal of the show is to hear from people who have been hurt by the silence of Christians. We want to give a voice to those who have struggled in that silence, learn from their experience, and create a culture where we can begin talking about these issues openly, honestly, and humbly. As we take a “listening” posture in this series, we don’t attempt to ‘correct’ the beliefs or experiences of our guests, nor do we offer neat solutions. The point is to start a conversation with the hopes that people will begin to empathize with another point of view and begin constructive dialogue. In some cases, we might wish that Christians would stop talking about certain topics. In those cases we will discuss how we can pivot those damaging conversations towards a more healthy dialogue.

It’s important to note that we also don’t intend to hate on the church or Christians in general. In our episodes we will take an opportunity to highlight areas in which the church has done well or has made progress, or has — at the very least — tried to do the right thing.

We are looking for interview subjects who can speak from these perspectives to talk about how the church’s silence on various issues has affected them for better and for worse, and what kind of conversations we can begin having that will be productive, beneficial, and healing going forward.

Values (We strive to…)
Listen and learn, build empathy, adopt a humble willingness to grow and be challenged in our beliefs, acknowledge that we are all on a journey, build trust, be humorous when appropriate, encourage dialogue, love others, love God.