We all relate to God and one another in different ways. Some of us are more intellectual, others are more attuned to their emotions, while others are guided by their gut intuitions. But knowing God is a journey that invites our whole selves, and we are not always aware of all the ways God is shaping us to be more like Him. Join Selina as she journeys with her guests to discover all the joys and challenges of what it means to pursue a holistic relationship with Jesus.

Welcome to Nickel for your Thoughts, a place where five friends go on unfiltered rants about their passions. Tiffany lives, breathes and of course, eats food. Laura spends way too much time on tiktok and pop culture. Sam (over)analyzes how he relates to his community. Desmond is off binge-watching shows. Corey is wondering if guys and girls can just be friends. Now you can hear all these thoughts and more for a nickel… Now that’s a steal.

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