Following these brand guidelines will help Power to Change – Students be recognized consistently and professionally. Read the guidelines, then download and use the documents and files below. Thank you for helping us protect our brand and trademarks!

New Logos

Recently, we recognized an opportunity to shift our logo since many people are sufficiently familiar with us as P2C, not just our full name Power to Change. A logo redesign process was spearheaded by the Marketing Department at Power to Change Ministries HQ with input from P2C-Students Creative Communications and other ministries. Through the process, we sought to distance our logo from those of Xerox and Xbox as well as modernize the typography that forms the logo. A key deliverable was to create a logo that would render well at small sizes and in square or circle applications; the previous logo was difficult to read when small and didn’t play well in vertical spaces, especially alongside other logos. We also aimed to include space for the full name “Power to Change” or sub brands that would be still mostly readable at small sizes. It took lots of consultation and design iterations to reach this stage.

The result is a logo that is simple, robust, versatile, and unique. We found that we could emphasize the shape of the cross while avoiding cliche and overused alternatives. The hues in the full-colour version of the logo were carefully chosen to work well on both white and black backgrounds. Even though the single-colour version of the logo (ie. white or black logo) does not employ the shape of the cross, we think this option is useful for environments that lend toward a multi-faith or ecumenical approach. 

Since P2C-Students exists within a larger organizational body, it is helpful to clarify that the logo redesign is not in any way seeking to modify who we are as P2C-Students, but rather to continue to be visually relevant, recognizable, and relatable to our audience and the ways they interact with our organization.   

Please use the P2C-Students new logo for all applications on campus instead of the one that says “P2C Power to Change”.

Download these files for your needs.

When to Use P2C vs. P2C-Students

  • In the past, P2C-S has used the P2C logo on campus, and the P2C-S logo for external communication. This will no longer be the case. The P2C Power to Change logo should only be used when referring to the umbrella of ministries or the corporate entity.
    • Example: When on campus, printed and digital logos should be the P2C-Students logo. But the campus club can still be called Power to Change or P2C. There is no need to change the club name. Verbally, it is ok to refer to the organization as P2C or P2C-Students or Power to Change or Power to Change – Students (all of these verbal options are ok)
  • Rationale: a logo and a name can be different, even if the logo contains words that are not literally the same as the name.
    • Example: Warner Brothers, which is a name, has a logo that is just WB; Volkswagen, which is a name, has a logo that is just VW; Education First, which is a name, has a logo that is just EF

Logo Safe Zone

To ensure the P2C logo has consistent, optimal legibility and prominence, an area of clear space should be maintained around the logo. This distance should, at least, be equal to the height of the bottom portion of the cross.

Logo Mistakes – What to Avoid

  • One common mistake is putting a logo layered on top of other logos — this is just bad design since it diminishes the readability or legibility or clarity of the logos.  

P2C-Students Wording Style

  • Correct usage:
    • Power to Change – Students
    • P2C-Students (acceptable short version)
    • P2C-S (acceptable acronym)
    • “Across Canada, the ministry of Power to Change – Students helps students take their next step towards Jesus.”
    • “I met a P2C-Students staff named Archie and he made me feel so welcomed!”
    • “Natasha was a highly involved student leader with P2C-S at the U of A.”
  • Incorrect usage:
    • PTC-Students (“T” instead of “2”)
    • P2C Students (just a space between P2C and Students)
    • P2c Students or P2c-Students (lowercase “C”)
    • p2C Students or p2C-Students (lowercase “P”)
    • P2C students or P2C-students (lowercase “S”)
    • P2C—Students (em-dash used instead of hyphen)
    • P2C-Student (singular is used instead of plural)
    • Power 2 Change – Students (mix of words and numerals in the long form of the name)
    • Power to Change Students (hyphen left out, “change students” is too dominant)
    • Power to Change Student Ministry (this begins to erode our brand identity, gradually making us simply “the student ministry of Power to Change”, when in fact we do have a distinct identity)
    • the Students ministry (leaving out “Power to Change -” or “P2C-” tends to cause people to say “Students” when they might be referring to the organization or staff within the brand but misinterpreted as a group of students)
    • Students staff (leaving out “P2C-” results in weird confusion that assumes context… “he is a staff with Students.”)
    • We are the Power to Change Students! (Actually we aren’t. Jesus changes people’s hearts, and we are broken limited humans who have been changed by Jesus. Students want to know they are unconditionally loved and accepted; a ministry or group of people that insists on changing other people can be seen as pretentious. Instead, we must build friendships with a posture of grace, humility, love, and patience.)
  • Rationale:
    • Power to Change – Students is the name of our brand.
    • P2C-Students contains staff, volunteers, and actual students.
    • “P2C Students staff”… are they a student? Are they a staff? Are they a student who is also on staff? It’s too confusing.
      P2C-Students staff brings more clarity.
    • An ‘em-dash’ is too difficult to apply for most people, especially since we involve so many volunteers. So please use the hyphen symbol between “P2C” and “Students”.


P2C-Students uses colour to convey the spirit of our brand before a word is said. The colours below express our personality of energy, youth, optimism and vision, while still being grounded in truth and strategy. The colour palette is different than that of P2C Ministries, mainly with the selection of the lighter blue to be the primary colour for P2C-Students.

Primary Colours

Light blue should be used first, and most often. Dark blue can be used as a primary colour with light blue, or as a replacement when a dark colour is necessary.

Light Blue

R – 84, G – 199, B – 228
C – 59, M – 0, Y – 7, K – 0
Pantone 311 C

Dark Blue

R – 61, G – 109, B – 137
C – 80, M – 50, Y – 32, K – 8
Pantone 314 C

Accent colours

Use these colours in conjunction with at least one primary colour. Aim to use them as accents in small doses. Aim to not use all four on one piece.


R – 239, G – 88, B – 99
C – 0, M – 81, Y – 53, K – 0
Pantone 7423 C / 702 U


R – 126, G – 194, B – 70
C – 55, M – 0, Y – 97, K – 0
Pantone 360 C / 2292 U


R – 254, G – 217, B – 0
C – 2, M – 11, Y – 100, K – 0
Pantone 115 C / 107


R – 3, G – 168, B – 183
C – 77, M – 12, Y – 28, K – 0
Pantone 2200 C

Montserrat Font

Download the font we use for communication

Google Slides Template

English Version Option 1

English Version Option 2

French version

Instructions: Make a copy and edit it for your own use

Google Doc Template

English version

French version available here

Instructions: Make a copy and edit it for your own use

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