Please use these files when representing Power to Change – Students! We ask that you assist us in helping to protect our brand and trademarks. This will ensure that our organization is recognized consistently and professionally. For information on the use of branding, please refer to the following documents and packaged zip files.

Power to Change – Students Branding Standards & Guidelines – How do I apply the branding properly? (4.9 MB PDF)


Quick How-to for Logo Usage – When do I use Power to Change and when do I use Power to Change – Students? (1 MB PDF)


A package of files with logos, templates, ethos lines, fonts, and banners (LARGE 41 MB ZIP)


A package of ready to print banner files in vertical and horizontal configurations (4 MB ZIP)


A package of pre-made logo files for many of the main universities and colleges where P2C has ministry presence (VERY LARGE 343 MB ZIP)