Why the campus?
It’s the age when most people start asking the big questions of life and decide on spiritual beliefs that will shape the rest of their life.
Tomorrow’s leaders are on the university today. The best way to shape the future is to impact today’s students.

Why Montreal?
Montreal is a cultural capital of North America and the second largest French speaking city in the world. Montreal is a key location to influence future Canadian leaders.

Our vision for Montreal:
Presently we actively involved on four university campuses in the city. We dream of a day when no student on a Cegep or University campus in the city would graduate without engaging with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Imagine the impact?

Want to be a part of changing Montreal?
Our goal is to equip you to help students on your campus engage with the gospel.

Small group studies, prayer meetings, outreaches, retreats and missions trips.