We at Power To Change are passionate about connecting students with Jesus.

Our Mission

We are here to help students discover Jesus, and change the world.

General Info

We welcome you to join us in our pursuit of making Jesus known to every student across Canada! Christian or not, there is something for you! We have discussions about the reasons for faith, weekly gatherings, and morning prayer meetings. If you are at the University of Saskatchewan, join us on Fridays at 4:00 PM in ARTS 263 and find out more! We’d love to see you there! We have a retreat in September (Summit), where we gather with students from across Alberta and Saskatchewan in a time of fellowship and fun. It’s a great way to meet new people and get connected to us! Over the Christmas break, we have a conference in Toronto (P2C+) where students from all across Canada gather together to worship, to learn, to be challenged, to grow and to celebrate the New Year together! We also offer mission trips during spring reading break and in summer, which you can find out more about if you join us. What are you waiting for? So come on out and engage in the life-changing message of Jesus!

Get Involved

We want to grow together, experience Jesus, be stretched in our faith & inspire others to live radically different lives as they discover Jesus.

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Power to Change - University of Saskatchewan
Nov 14 @ 4:00 pm
Hi people :)! There is an informal social happening this Friday - a walk in the enchanted forest at the forestry farm and zoo! The cost is $5, and we are meeting at the entrance at 5:00 PM, bonfire 🔥 and hot chocolate ☕ will follow 😃. Hope to see you there ;) You will need to arrange your own rides 🚗!

Power to Change - University of Saskatchewan
Nov 13 @ 1:00 pm
Are you considering going to P2C+ this year (you should ;))? If so, you should know students from the U of S get a conference ticket for $50 (ask your DGL or a staff member for the promo code) In addition, if you're worried about the cost of flights, do we have an opportunity for you! All you have to do is go onto the P2C-students Instagram page (linked below), follow them and like their giveaway post, and follow the p2cplus Instagram page to get an entry to win either a $100 VISA card, $50 VISA card, or Propaganda Merchandise (They are the band playing at the conference). To gain additional entries, tag a friend in a unique comment on the original Instagram post, and you get an entry per friend (1 friend per comment, unlimited comments). In addition, if you repost the picture to your story and tag @p2cstudents and @p2cplus, you gain 5 additional entries (If you have a private account, just DM p2cstudents with your story share)! If this doesn't get you on board with p2cplus, we don't what will! We hope to see you there :)! Winners announced on Friday - don't miss this opportunity! https://www.instagram.com/p/BqFP-reAFPI/

Power to Change - University of Saskatchewan
Nov 12 @ 2:00 pm
It's reading week! Hopefully you're enjoying the break from lectures and labs (and your profs didn't actually assign any reading for the week ;P)! To those who are going to help out at MRU, thank you for your service o7 and Godspeed! For anyone else in Saskatoon over the week, there is nothing official planned, but Brandon is hosting a games night at his place tonight (Monday 12th) at 6 PM. The address is 1123 Hurley Way. If there is anything else planned, watch this space for updates :)

Ministry killed “me” | Power to Change - Students
Nov 9 @ 2:30 pm
Have you fallen into the trap of considering ministry to be about you, and what you can do? The truth is, we are a collective group as the Church, and we do not work in isolation. Ministry is not about us as individuals, but about what God is accomplishing when we work for Him, surrendering to Him and serving others, instead of trying to climb a leadership ladder, and instead focusing on helping others. Read one staff members experience of struggle with this: https://p2c.com/students/ministry-killed-me/?fbclid=IwAR2I5C86Ue0ZYjkYRH-dItLqnlhOQlgSEIk6cIcddctHrhJOycdI4UzXb_U