“Tara and I joined staff out of a thirst for adventure and a passion for walking alongside students in their spiritual journey. We remain on staff because our love for the Lord and for students has continued to grow. It is a privilege to join in what God is doing around our country, and around the world, each and every day.”

  • Joined Power to Change in 2007
  • Alumnus of Carleton University

As a Public Affairs and Policy Management student, specializing in Development studies, Darren began university with a plan: to change the world by working in government. Along the way, God gave Darren a new dream: to change the world by helping students discover Jesus. As his life was transformed by the Gospel, he saw that the root of our world’s brokenness were much deeper than what policy and politics could fix. He came to a realize that only through healing our relationship with God, could our other relationships be healed, allowing for change to happen in our communities, political and social structures, cities, and nations.

Between his third and fourth year, Darren led a STINT team in East Asia, pioneering a ministry in a city with nearly 500,000 students. With his wife, Tara, they led a staff team in Calgary, STINTed in the UK, and launched a movement at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

Between the two of them, they have participated in short term missions trips to East Asia, Peru, the UK, Estonia, South East Africa, Gateway, Calgary, Panama, and Japan. They have a passion to travel, experience new cultures, and bring the Gospel to those who have never heard the Gospel. Along with their three kids — Sebastian, Ophelia, and Delphine — they are looking forward to where God brings them next!


  • Perspectives on World Missions | Thursday 1:00pm | Thornhill